Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Puerto Viejo Restaurant Review- Jammin

Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica is on the Caribbean side of the country and fairly close to the Panamanian border. Puerto Viejo has a serious Jamaican VIBE going on- or maybe there's just a lot of guys with dreads, smoking pot and listening to reggae. Regardless, it's definitely got a different vibe than the Pacific side of Costa Rica- not necessarily better, just different.

You would think there would be a lot of Caribbean-style influence in the restaurants in Puerto Viejo, but actually no- although coconut milk is used a LOT. Jammin Restaurant, we were told, was the only 'jerk' place in town. Others had tried, but not successfully. Anyway...

Jammin, off the Main St and close to the beach in Puerto Viejo Costa Rica

We just had to check it OUT, plus we thought it looked like a really COOL little building- eclectic knick knacks about and there was some great reggae beats originating from there as well.

*It should be noted the food we ordered at Jammin was excellent BUT... although we couldn't see it, the good looking waitress serving us obviously had a stick WAY up her ass, and based on her attitude and personality, it had been there a LONG time. Luckily for us, a girl named Megan started her shift about 3/4 through our meal, she was very friendly and made up for 'bitch girl'.

Here's our review of Jammin:

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