Saturday, November 13, 2010

GAY needs HELP! Sorry

Doin GAY Costa Rica is BACK with more INFO on gay hotels, gay clubs and living the gay life in Costa Rica.

Doin GAY Costa Rica is BACK, even more gay than before, offering a little (gay) perspective on anything and everything GAY in Costa Rica.

*To the Readers of Doin Costa Rica:
My apologies for this 'gay' intrusion. I really do try to keep most things gay out of Doin' Costa Rica. The story below which I posted on my gay blog a couple days ago pretty much explains it all. Fact is, I need people to be able to find 'gay' INFO on Costa Rica ie. my blog, so I'm using this post to help gay folks FIND my other blog. If you understand the internet and GOOGLE, you understand. If not, sorry, but I had to do this.

Here's what I posted a couple days ago on Doin Gay Costa Rica:

GUYS I'm so sorry. I've been gone for WAY too long. Here's what happened. GOOGLE search engines no longer 'crawled' my 'Blogger' blog because it contained 'adult content'. I wasn't aware of that when I started posting dicks and what not. *Not sure why dicks and sex are considered so dirty but that's another post altogether. I was devastated. I was doing pretty good in the rankings........ and just like that, vanished into internet oblivion.

But the bigger problem is I'm a moron when it comes to computer technology and to switch a 'Blogger' format to a 'Wordpress' format wasn't even in my realm of things I'm capable of. D'Angelo did it for me. But then he had to teach me to go in and fix all the pics because they were obviously not aligned correctly due to the change. *Most of the pics still look like shit because of pixels etc. but at least the posts look decent. I had over a hundred posts to go through. I was just SO frustrated. I'm the kind of guy once I learn something I'm pretty good, it's the learning process that kicks my ass. Like now, this being my first post and all, this may take me awhile to get everything right on the page, keywords, pics, categories etc. For most, this is probably a walk in the park, for me it's like I weigh 700lbs and I gotta start hitting the gym- that first step is a bitch.

So, here I am, with a lot of gay catching up to do. But I'm back NOW and we've been busy the last couple months, so I gotta lot to say. Are you surprised?

Okay, here goes. Going to try to post some pictures here. *crossing fingers* They have nothing to do with this post, I just like'em and I need the practice.

This pic was taken at the 'Rally to Restore Sanity' and you know how much I like making fun of religion.

Also found at the Jon Stewart, Steven Colbert Rally.

I'm BACK bitches, look out.

So that was the post. GOOGLE search likes this blog, so it will help gay folks interested in finding gay INFO on Costa Rica find my 'gay' blog by coming to this one first. It's also the reason I used the word 'gay' so much. Get it? Got it? good. and THANX for your understanding.

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Mary Lynn said...

This post was ... well just GAY. Hee hee - hope 1 more helps. Good luck with your other blog,

Mary Lynn

Unknown said...

haha....yeah, it was even a little too gay for me.... and thanx.