Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Puerto Viejo Costa Rica a VIDEO Overview

Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica on the Caribbean side. You know what they say, "When in Rome..."

There was a time when most people visited Puerto Viejo de Talamanca for one thing: surfing. Now, Puerto Viejo, known for its Jamaican/Caribbean VIBE, not only attracts the surfers but has become one of the hottest destinations on the budget-travel circuit. The easiest way to explain who goes to Puerto Viejo, well let's just say if Bob Marley and the Grateful Dead ever were to put on a concert... I would say Puerto Viejo is the Caribbean equivalent of Malpais located on the Pacific side of Costa Rica, where surfing and partying also seem to go hand in hand.

Good news is, if you're not into pot smoke and reggae, the beaches south may be more your thing, and even BETTER- the beaches south are MUCH nicer. Definitely don't miss Playa Cocles, Playa Chiquita, Manzanillo, and my personal favorite Punta Uva. Puerto Viejo for the party, beaches south for the tranquility.

Old semi-submerged barge turned into a playground for the locals.

Here's our VIDEO of Puerto Viejo Costa Rica:

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expatcostarica said...

You guys look good in dreadlocks.

Unknown said...

I thinkin for me, it's an improvement...