Tuesday, November 16, 2010

COOLest Restaurant in Puerto Viejo- Koki Beach

Koki Beach Restaurant in Puerto Viejo Costa Rica

Hey Everyone!
Koki Beach Restaurant is pretty much located in the center of
Puerto Viejo on the main road, with the ocean only a stone's throw away. So when your strolling around the town, you WILL pass Koki Beach and you'll probably mutter to yourself, "We need to check that place out later."

Koki Beach is not your typical Puerto Viejo Restaurant. First off, they don't play reggae, not because they dislike reggae, but because just about every other restaurant/bar/club/house/radio/television/band/car etc, DOES play reggae- Koki likes to be different and really, take my word, you'll appreciate it. Make no mistake, Koki Beach does have a Caribbean feel about it, but the owners added their own flair. So it's as if Bob Marley and Madonna decided to collaborate.

Koki Beach is trendy and COOL,a place to go to have drinks and conversation...and people watch. And if you don't get lost in conversation and forget to order- the food's pretty damn tasty too.

Here's our REVIEW of Koki Beach. Check out the decor and artwork.......very nice.

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