Friday, December 24, 2010

Why Can't our Dog be a COW

So sad today. Our little chihuahua, Pincho, has parvo. Initially, his symptoms seemed to point to an intestinal blockage or bowel obstruction of some kind, BUT yesterday he had the unmistakable signs of parvo and if you know anything about it, parvo is not pretty... and that SMELL! And yes, he had had his shots if you're wondering, so we're not sure how he got it. Hopefully, the shots at least gave his tiny immune system a few antibodies to help in the FIGHT!

The vet in our tiny, tourist town is more at ease treating cows and horses and his bed side manner, or lack thereof, was not helpful. Pincho was so frightened and again, watching a tiny little dog scared shitless is just, well, sad. OH, and of course it being the holidays and all, we're on our own in trying to nurse him back...

Don't want to drone on and dampen anyone's festive mood, but we sure would appreciate some positive ENERGY sent our way. thanx.