Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Friends are the BEST part

Pablo and Ronnie from San Francisco- what a fun night, muchas gracias.
What can I say, doin' what we do is just, well, GREAT! We travel all around Costa Rica and have the unique opportunity to experience a LOT of really C-O-O-L stuff. Places like the Jaguar Rescue Center in Puerto Viejo or La Paz Waterfall Gardens or walking around San Jose with Barrio Bird Walking Tours. And, we get to stay in some really nice hotels like Gaia Hotel and Reserve in Manuel Antonio or experience the backpacker way of life in hostels like Tranquilo Backpackers in San Jose. We love what we do, and wouldn't trade it for the world.

In deep conversation during HAPPY HOUR at Koki Beach in Puerto Viejo. We had a GREAT week with David and Mindy.

But, just as great, if not greatER, is meeting you GUYS. The one's who watch our videos and read our stuff, the one's who take time to e-mail us with questions and feedback, and especially those of you who come to La Fortuna and want to HANg- we LOVE you guys most of ALL and honestly, it never gets old, on the contrary, we jump at the chance each and every time... so if you're in the La Fortuna, Costa Rica area, don't hesitate... we have forged some great relationships this way... Garick and Stephanie come to mind, among many others.

So, just wanted to say THANX, we SOoooooo appreciate the fact you take a little time out of your vacation to chill awhile with us.... we're truly humbled.

Besos y abrazos from michael alan & D'Angelo.

Everywhere we go, new and interesting people... LIFE is good and we have you guys to THANK.

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