Thursday, August 25, 2011

CHEAP Tours in Costa Rica - We're here for YOU!

We LIVE in La Fortuna and we'll be selling tours very,VERY CHEAP.

Hey EVERYONE! This is a TOTAL score for anyone who is visiting La Fortuna and wanting to do any of the tours here such as, whitewater rafting, zip lining(aka, canopy tour), waterfall rappelling, hot springs, the Cano Negro Tour, ATV and horseback tours, hanging bridges, Volcano hike, kayaking etc.

We've been working very hard the last 4 years to try and provide you, the traveler, with good and honest INFO so you can have the BEST time in Costa Rica possible. We have NO agenda but that(and really, I think we've proven that). So, what we've decided to do is sell tours here for next to nothing literally saving YOU big time $$$$$$$. Example: a family of 5 wants to do the waterfall rappel, we could LITERALLY save them $160 or more. Why can we do this? Because we will not make more than $7.00 over what the tour actually costs.

FYI- Everyone in La Fortuna sells tours because there's big money to be made. It works like this: If I sell a zip line tour, the zip line business demands I pay them a certain amount per person, let's say $55. Well, everyone and their brother will sell you that tour for maybe, $75 and MORE, or whatever your willing to pay. And if you're not sure what to pay, you could end up paying through the NOSE and not know it. So, we won't sell you any tour for more than $7.00 above what the particular company (zip lining in this case), demands. If the whitewater rafting folks demand $55. we'll sell it to you for no more than $62. Get it? This is HUGE even if you don't know it.

Rafting is even more FUN when you know you got a SWEET DEAL.

We'll be putting up a video in the next couple weeks explaining exactly what you need to do in order to save BIG MONEY! Hope it helps!

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