Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Big ASS Tree in Nuevo Arenal

All you really need to know is, Ceiba, basically means BIG ASS TREE.

This Ceiba tree is located about 10 minutes from Nuevo Arenal if you were heading to La Fortuna, which makes it about 35 minutes away from La Fortuna. There is a sign but you could miss it if you weren't looking or didn't know about the tree beforehand.

Truthfully, from a distance, this Ceiba tree doesn't appear that impressive. For one, it sits atop a hill and appears smaller, being somewhat swallowed up by the surrounding sky. And even within a 50 yards you're thinking, ...doesn't seem all that BIG.

But when you get right up on it,,,you can feel its MAGNIFICENCE.

Trust me, this tree is impressive and if you're not taken by it's size, you'll be taken by its aura. This is a tree Robert Frost or Thoreau would write about. You can definitely FEEL its presence. For me, this tree stirs some serious emotion and it's almost a little too much...

Anyway, if you get a chance, check it out and experience its presence, if you're into things like this, it's worth a stop.

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