Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Our Sex and Prostitution Video gets a WARNING!

Our VIDEO about sex and prostitution in Costa Rica got a *WARNING* from the folks at YouTube and it dropped out of the 'searches' because of it. Not that it deserved a 'warning' mind you, since it's purely informative and not even close to being x-rated or provocative (and don't even get me started about other videos found on Youtube with thousands of views that have been posted for years and are totally inappropriate which of course have no such 'warning') but we're pretty sure we have a jealous ex-business partner trying to make things difficult for us... but I digress.

In case you missed it, here's a re-post and video about Sex and Prostitution in Costa Rica:

'San Jose, Costa Rica where SEX and Prostitution particularly flourish.'

In Costa Rica, sex with girls, sex with gay boys, sex with trannies, even 'gay for pay' is VERY much LEGAL, and BELIEVE ME, the SEX trade industry in Costa Rica is as diverse as the country itself.

'Straight or GAY sex is easy to find in Costa Rica.'

Legal age of consent for BOTH straight sex and gay sex is 18. I would CAUTION you to be very careful, there's TONS of misinformation on the internet pertaining to the legal age of consent here, many sites will tell you it's as low as 15. We'll get back to 'age' later.

To most, Costa Rica is about active volcanoes, beautiful beaches, lush rain forest, abundant wildlife, raging rapids and an adventure LOVERS paradise... and it is. But many who come here could care less about seeing a sloth or rappelling down a waterfall, for them, Costa Rica means SEX.... and lets be truthful, Costa Rica does sell SEX just as well as it does a zipline tour.

Okay, so what, prostitution is legal in Costa Rica. Well, just because it's LEGAL doesn't mean it's not rife with problems. THINK about any issue you could have with illegal prostitution in the STATES or anywhere else prostitution is NOT legal and I can assure you, those problems EXIST here as well- with the exception of actually propositioning for sex.

Make NO mistake, drugs, crime, petty theft, STD's, AIDS, underage SEX, illegal prostitutes and sex slavery are ALL problems here. Of course these issues usually EXIST in varying degrees where ever prostitution is found- legal or NOT.

For years, Costa Rica had the dubious distinction of being one of the top destinations for partaking in underage SEX. Although they've taken steps to combat this problem, at least on the surface, it is STILL a concern here. If you get caught participating in sex with a minor, you're pretty much rightfully FUCKED... and rest assured, not in a GOOD way. But unfortunately, like most laws in Costa Rica the 'bark' is often worse than the 'bite' and enforcement is a problem, so how often some 'Chester the Molester' type is arrested and convicted for having sex with a minor is anyone's guess. Mine, is NOT very many... just sayin.

The other problem, most of the prostitutes (at least the girls) aren't even Tica's- most are Dominicans, Colombians, Nicaraguans and even Eastern Europeans. My question to you... how many of these illegal girls are actually going to register as a prostitute and keep their health card updated?

REMEMBER, just because prostitution is legal in Costa Rica- you're still responsible and PLAYING at your own RISK. Condoms are a GIVEN and speaking to your Doctor about Hepatitis is highly recommended.

So, you want to come to Costa Rica for SEX, but not sure where to find EXACTLY what you're LOOKING for. Let's pretend you don't know how to write in the GOOGLE search bar combinations of the following words, depending: 'Costa Rica, San Jose, sex, adult entertainment, escorts, prostitution, gay, girls, brothels, big tits,....whatever' or you don't know Craigslist is valuable resource if you're looking for sex, ANYWHERE. Fine, all you need to know is get in any taxi and BELIEVE ME, they'll take you wherever it IS you want to GO, you might consider beginning with the Del Rey Hotel and Casino.

Here's our VIDEO about SEX and Prostitution in Costa Rica:

More INFO on Prostitution and Sex in Costa Rica

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