Friday, August 19, 2011

Renting a CAR for Costa Rica? Who we USE

Vamos 4x4 in Costa Rica- too good to be TRUE?

Vamos 4X4 is a car rental agency here in Costa Rica and boy, have we got a lot of emails over the last few years asking about them. This is a PERFECT example:
"Hey GUYS! Love your videos. Quick question. Do you know anything about Vamos 4X4 car rental agency? Their prices seem to be really, REALLY good... but almost too good, too good to be true in fact. Have you ever used them? Do you recommend that we do? Keep up the good work."
We decided to CHECK-OUT Vamos 4X4 for ourselves. This is what we think about Vamos:

Not Siskel and Ebert, but if we were... and rating Vamos....

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