Sunday, July 15, 2012

UPDATE: My Friends in Granada Sexually Exploiting Boys?

My friends, Jan and Francis, who own Joluva Guesthouse in Granada Nicaragua need your HELP.

I can't tell you how many emails I've gotten in these past months all pretty much asking the same question, "What happened to Joluva and Jan and Francis?"

Don't know the Joluva story: it's here: My Friends in Granada, Nicaragua Sexually EXPLOITING Boys?

Although you should check it out, if you're not in the mood just imagine your WORST nightmare. You and your wife move to a foreign country, start a small B&B and get falsely accused of basically running a brothel. It's 100% FALSE but the authorities throw you in jail, SEIZE EVERYTHING- property, bank and credit cards, passports and leave it to you to prove your innocence. Remember, foreigners in a foreign country- trust me, it's scarey shit. Well, that's basically what happened to Jan and Francis.

For the record, Jan and Francis are out on bail awaiting trail but they need HELP to survive day to day and to fight this thing.

I think my internet friend, Colin, who happens to own a very popular hotel in Puerto Viejo, Banana Azul, pretty much sums it up in his comment to my Joluva blog post the other day:
Thanks guys for posting this article. I actually never had the pleasure of meeting these guys or staying at their place. I had always intended to, but running a hotel, keeps one very busy.

Being in the same business they are in Costa Rica and also am involved in exposing myself as a gay man (foreigner) that caters to other gays and lesbians (not exclusively), I find this all very distressing and sad.

I really feel for these guys. They need our help. We have sent a donation and I am going to use this summary and email all my gay friends in an effort to try and elicit some more support.

Not only do I feel for Jan & Francis, I really feel this is a serious gay rights issue that affects the rights and freedoms of GLBT community in Nicaragua and Central America for that matter.

I hope others will consider doing the same. Here is a link to their current website that has a link for donations (Credit Cards or PayPal accepted): Friends of Joluva.

I really hope they beat this!!! Cheers, Colin. Hotel Banana Azul, Costa Rica.
Thanx Colin, I know Jan & Francis will appreciate your kind words and donation. BTW- not only can you donate but they also keep folks updated as to what's happening with their situation.

Jan and Francis are good people and I fully support them 100%, I hope you will too by showing a little money LOVE. thanx

I don't want to take away from the task at hand, I just want to show Colin some love for his comments and putting his money where his mouth is by showing you his place, Banana Azul, in Puerto Viejo. He probably wouldn't approve of me doing this but oh well, plus we love Banana Azul and if he doesn't like it... too bad...hehe

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