Sunday, July 8, 2012

How GAY is Manuel Antonio?

I'm just not that gay I guess, kinda like Manuel Antonio on the Pacific side of Costa Rica. I'm mean we're BOTH gay, but maybe just a little too straight-acting when it comes right down to it... whatever.

First off, I want to say, I haven't posted on my other 'gay' blog, 'Doin' Gay Costa Rica', in over a year. Why? Because there just isn't that much 'gay' in Costa Rica that I care to write about and all the gay INFO I did want to write about, I have. Now I'm over it. That blog can go to gay hell for all I care. Point is, when gay does come up, I'll post on this blog... but don't worry my straight friends, I can assure you it won't come up often, so please find it in your hearts to let me slide from time to time. But today is a gay thing....

D'Angelo and I chillin' at Gaia Hotel and Reserve in Manuel Antonio.

Back to Manuel Antonio. Manuel Antonio has been considered one of the most gay-friendly destinations in all of Latin America. And I guess, it's kinda true, or at least, was true. But like I mentioned earlier, like me, Manuel Antonio is not that gay.

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