Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Few Days in Manuel Antonio

Gaia Hotel and Reserve in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica where we stayed a couple of weeks ago... Yup, every now and then we get to live like ROCK STARS.

A friend was taking her niece to Manuel Antonio and asked us if we wanted to go along. SWEET- a ride. Believe me, riding the buses gets a SOoooooooo old. To make sure we had a place to stay, I called our good friends at Gaia Hotel who said they would love for us to come out and since D'Angelo and I aren't in the position to turn down free rides and lodging (at a 5-Star resort no less), we obviously decided to go. We love living in La Fortuna, but it is nice to get away every now and then.

We love Manuel Antonio, but we love it more during 'low' season. During 'high' season it just gets to darn touristy. And the way Manuel Antonio is laid out makes it seem even more so. Basically one road in and out dotted with restaurants and hotels and during 'high' season, just too many cars and people for our liking. But that's cool too, a lot of people like a lot of other folks around. We just don't happen to be among them.

Anyway, we'll be putting out a few videos in the near future about our little excursion there, so be on the look-out. In the meantime, here's couple Manuel Antonio pics.

Most girls couldn't pull this l@@k off, but she totally ROCKS it.

Surfing is popular in Manuel Antonio.

This is how we like Manuel Antonio.

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