Monday, March 16, 2009

Cano Negro Costa Rica

Don't miss the chance to visit Cano Negro up on the Costa Rica Nicaragua border. We were just there a couple weeks ago and thought we would shoot a video on what you can expect to find on the Cano Negro tour. (Although it's actually down the Rio Frio, so don't be confused).

Although we mention it a couple of times in the video, tours out of La Fortuna can run anywhere from $45 to about $60 bucks depending on which tour company you use. If you happen to have a rental car, it's a great option to drive there yourself and rent a smaller boat- you can get really GREAT deal. A smaller boat is really nice for taking pictures, you're not tripping over everyone to get 'the shot' and the boat is much more maneuvarable. That said, the tour is worth the money regardless of how much you spend. Lots of animals and birds, relaxing and informative, a great day trip out of La Fortuna.

So check out this little video on our boat trip down the Rio Frio. And don't forget to stop in Muelle and check out the iguanas- GREAT photo ops. ENjOy!

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