Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Costa Rica Travel Tips pt 1

When traveling to Costa Rica it's ALL about knowing the 'little' things, the stuff you wouldn't know unless you did your homework (highly recommended when traveling Costa Rica) and the more you KNOW, the better your Costa Rica travel experience will BE. And we like to think we provide at least some of the 'KNOW.'

Hey Everyone! WE love providing Costa Rica Travel Info and Travel Tip VIDEOS about 'ANYTHING' Costa Rica, to YOU- the potential Costa Rica Traveler, to ensure the BEST possible vacation EVER! There's a lot of Costa Rica Info out there to choose from, so we work hard giving you the most updated, pertinent Costa Rica Information through written words, and of course VIDEOS- reading is fundamental, but sometimes, it's just easier to WATCH than to read.

In part 1 of Costa Rica Quick Travel Tips, find out the importance of your passport (like you didn't already know), and how early do Tico really get up, and don't forget to bring plenty of sunscreen and a hat.. and much more. So take a few minutes even if you think you already know this stuff- maybe will remind you of things you have forgotten you knew. Pura Vida.

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