Sunday, March 29, 2009

Costa Rica- it's just SAD

There's somethings I just wish I didn't know about Costa Rica.

Do'in Costa Rica is rarely at a loss for words, but really, I got nothing to say. This just saddens me. I won't print the entire article, but this pretty much says it all:

In Costa Rica about 96.5 percent of waste water IS discharged into rivers and oceans without any treatment, UN independent advisor and expert on water and human rights Catarina De Alburquerque said.

The BLATANT hypocrisy in regards to how Costa Rica markets itself (very successfully, I might add) vs. the actual EVIDENCE of the CONTRARY speaks for itself.... and truly saddens me. So much so in fact, I just can't bring myself to write on it any further. Plus, I've written about this 'shit' (pun intended) in a couple of my past posts: Manuel Antonio: Full of SHIT and Looking Both Ways.

I'm sorry, I just got nothing to say.

Nothing says eco-friendly like human excrement.

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International Mom said...

i totally agree. costa rica ICT has a great mkting campaign, i'll give them that!!!!!! but i was in montezuma last year and i didn't even want my son going into to the water because the sewage as literally running of into the ocean right next to a restaraunt were were checking out!!!!!!
it's such a shame, but it's the gov't's fault if you ask me.
The Travel Expert(a) and an Expat with a Twist

Unknown said...

Yeah, saw the same thing in Malpais/Santa Teresa area.... really, don't know what to say, it really does just sadden me.

Francesca Romana ALEGI said...

Ciao it's Francesca from Italy.
I learn this news from you,true it's very sad... Never went to Costa Rica even though I travel quite a lot and as you know you can't keep in touch with all news of the world. Anyway I hope to come and visit Costa Rica one day.
ciao from Rome

Unknown said...

well, as sad is it may be, I'm still a BIG supporter of Costa Rica. ALL countries have their problems and CR is no exception, but it really is a beautiful country........SO worth exploring. Like your country, Italy, which is actually at the TOP of my list of favorite countries. Ciao,,,,hope to see you here soon. lol

peter kenneth said...

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