Saturday, March 21, 2009

Costa Rica Travel Tips pt 4

Hey everyone! We LOVE traveling around Costa Rica, video taping, writing reviews and providing YOU, the potential Costa Rica traveler with information (see Travel Costa Rica NOW for even more INFO) to ensure the BEST possible vacation EVER. We filmed a few Costa Rica 'quick' travel tips, little things you should know before traveling around the country. In part 4 will be talking about tipping, gringo pricing and that 'BLUE PHONE' you see in just about every hotel around the country.

So, take a few moments and check out these Costa Rica 'quick' Travel Tips, you wouldn't want something that could be avoided messing up a vacation... and the more you know about Costa Rica, the BETTER your experience will be

Plus, why read it when you can WATCH it:

Costa Rica 'quick' Travel Tips with michael alan and D'Angleo, this is part 4 but these are in NO particular order so it's ALL good.

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