Friday, April 10, 2009

AM Costa Rica SUCKS pt 3.

AM Costa Rica takes 12 to the RIBS from Doin' Costa Rica.

Almost forgot. There appears to be more of you OUT there who think of AM Costa Rica, 'Your online English-language news source Monday through Friday', as I do. I hadn't checked my emails in a week while we were in San Jose and my last post HERE was about AM Costa Rica... And as usual, people would rather email me than actually comment on the post themselves, but it's GOOD. The original post that got it all started: A.M. Costa Rica is FUGLY- let me count the WAYS.

I didn't get a ton of emails concerning AM Costa Rica- 12 to be exact. But it should be noted, NONE were offended by my opinions of AM Costa Rica and its lack of professionalism on many levels. All had something to say, much more mean-spirited than me I might add, but this email pretty much sums up the 12 emails- very succiently:

"Jay Brodell is a scam artist.

He runs am costa rica out of his house in barrio otoya and his staff is Himself and one other woman.

They basically plagerize everything. And yes it sucks."

I don't know if what this person says is TRUE or not, nor am I willing to make such accusations, but I don't think I'd be surprised if they were.... just sayin.

I know, a little dramatic, but still a WIN in my book.

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