Monday, July 27, 2009

Costa Rica needs MORE Airports

Costa Rica needs about 4 more International Airports.

In the BEGINNING, there was the Juan Santamaría International Airport aka, the San José Airport. Then came the Daniel Oduber International Airport aka, the Liberia International Airport, so tourist types could hit the beaches of the northern pacific coast without the hassle of navigating the shitty roads Costa Rica is known for- I get that. Now, the powers that be, mainly Costa Rica’s President Oscar Arias Sánchez, and his Panamanian counterpart, Ricardo Martinelli, have decided it would be a good idea to build another international airport in the Southern Zone of Costa Rica (in Palma Sur), which would benefit both countries. Costa Rican officials are hoping a southern zone airport will have the same developmental impact that the Dan Oduber Airport in Liberia has had on the pacific coast. I have NO doubt.

Personally, I think this is a GREAT idea. I’m a HUGE advocate of progress, development and modernization, especially when it attracts the TOURIST dollar for the overall economic betterment of the country. Businesses and specifically ones connected to the tourist industry (which is pretty much EVERYONE) will benefit BIG time- this of course is all that matters.

I’ve always argued that Costa Rica should be more accessible to Joe Schmo tourist. If I were running the show, I would build International Airports in Tortuguero, Puerto Viejo, Manuel Antonio and even in Penas Blancas on the Nicaraguan border (we don’t want our neighbors to the north to feel left out). For example, it’s ridiculous to have to rent a car and navigate the shitty roads or figure out the bus system in order to visit the leatherback sea turtles in Tortuguero when a strategically built airport and hotel shuttle could put anyone at a Leatherback nesting site in short order. And an International Airport in Manuel Antonio/Quepos is just sound LOGIC, since it’s a TOP Costa Rican destination and included in just about anyone’s travel itinerary- HELLOOO…who doesn’t go THERE?

MY International Airport in Puerto Viejo, located in the Southeastern part of the country, would complete the 4-corners, making Costa Rica much more ‘USER’ friendly.

On a somewhat related note: Upon exiting the plane in Puerto Viejo, tourists would be entertained by authentic Caribbean locals belting out popular reggae tunes… as well as given some sort of foo-foo Coconut drink…. i think it's a nice touch.

I applaud Arias, do you know how much time will be saved with an International airport close to Corcovado National Park on the Osa Peninsula… DAMN IT, people want their wilderness areas more ACCESSIBLE. Seriously, even I haven’t visited Corcovado yet because it’s such a pain in the ass to get to. But not only accessible, like most Americans, I want what I want when I want it… and for the record I don’t DO tents or hostels, so I better have access to nice hotels, resorts, restaurants...

and of course a plethora of souvenir shops in order to pick out the perfect wooden toucan which BEST represents MY Costa Rican experience. Oh, and I really don’t care for rice and beans, a Burger King would be nice. (I think this is the positive developmental impact they’re talking about). Actually, even a handful of all ‘inclusive’ resorts scattered about might bring in some folks who wouldn’t normally visit a country like Costa Rica, that way they could have a wilderness experience in LUXURY, if you know what I mean. Everyone should have an opportunity to visit the ‘Happiest’ and ‘Greenest’ country on the planet. Including Heidi and Spencer from 'I'm a CELEBRITY, Get me out of HERE'

The best part is, EVERYONE will be HAPPY, businesses will prosper, land values will increase in the International Airport areas, and foreigners will have yet another reason to relocate and purchase a little piece of paradise… and of course tourists will be happy they EXPERIENCED Costa Rica without too much effort.

Actually, I have a few other IDEAS Costa Rican officials should consider:

*All National Parks should have a monorail system in place so they can be observed and experienced in a timelier, more eco-friendly manner. This also shows we care about our handicapped brothers and sisters. All Costa Rican wildlife should be placed (STOCKED like fish in a pond) in these parks so animal and bird sightings are GUARANTEED. It would also be a nice touch if at the end of the monorail there was a sort of petting zoo, where tourists could actually hold a sloth, pet a kinkajou or ride on the back of a giant Leatherback sea turtle. Then everyone would have a perfect photo opp.

*It should be mandatory for ALL Costa Ricans to learn the English language. We gringo’s should feel comfortable when traveling abroad.

*ANY major tourist destination should have at least 1 of the following located in close proximity to its central area: WalMart, Home Depot, Borders Books, Target, Starbucks, Office Depot, Costco, Radio Shack, Payless Shoes and of course some kind of indoor MALL area (just in case it happens to be raining a lot and/or the kids get bored), complete with movie theater and food court.

*It goes without saying that Costa Rica should have at least 3 or 4 amusement/water parks- with PURA VIDA type themes.

Something about a rollercoaster going 120 mph through the rainforest just seems so NATURAL.

I have more, but this would be a nice START.

I’m all about progress… I’m 21st Century (Digital) Boy.

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Monday, July 20, 2009

Plight of the Squirrel Monkeys

Squirrel Monkey in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica

Manuel Antonio in Costa Rica is a tourist destination for a VERY good reason- Nice beaches, picturesque sunsets, hotels and restaurants to fit any budget, and it's also home to probably the most visited park in the country (Manuel Antonio National Park)... and of course the wildlife in the area is also a MAJOR attraction. Although not necessarily a good thing, it is possible to get quite close to the wildlife in the area, so photo and video ops are around every corner. Especially in the park, and double especially with the capuchin monkey's, iguanas, and squirrel monkeys.

We were in Manuel Antonio not too long ago reviewing Gaia Hotel and Reserve and a few of the restaurants in the area like El Avion, La Luna Restaurant and El Atardecer.

We had just checked out of Gaia and were making the trek down the hill to our car in order to head back to our town, La Fortuna, approximately 5 hours away. But a TREAT was in store for us, because passing through the Gaia Hotel and Reserve was a community of squirrel monkeys.

These little guys are SOOOO CUTE.... much smaller than the capuchin's and the howlers in the area, but in my opinion, WAY cuter and more FUN to watch. Unfortunately, these species of squirrel monkeys that call Manuel Antonio home, are not doing so well. The corridors in which they roam are being cut down to make way for what the 'powers that be', like to call 'PROGRESS'. Habitats are destroyed, and 'HOME' is becoming smaller every year. There's only about 1500 of these little guys left. My take on Costa Rica's conundrum: Costa Rica- SLOW Down

Here's our VIDEO. If you dig monkeys, this is pretty nice footage, so sit back and ENjOy. And if you 'd like to help the plight of the squirrel monkey, please contact us at

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Gay Discrimination and MY FRIENDS

GAY discrimination did happen at Don Rufinos in La Fortuna Costa Rica.

*Normally I try to keep anything pertaining to 'gay' on my other blog site: Doin GAY Costa Rica, but I really do BELIEVE this post is pertinent to this site as well. Don't worry, it only pertains to GAY discrimination, not 'gay' the act of.

The Don Rufino’s GAY discrimination thing happened so long ago I can’t even remember if it was 2 OR 3 years ago. Don’t know about it… read it here, but you don’t have too, you will still get the gist of this post without reading it.

The Don Rufino’s situation still bothers me to THIS day.

Not because we were discriminated against in an UGLY way, nor for the FACT our then, ‘gay friend and part owner of Rufinos’ never made it RIGHT (well, that still bothers me a little too) but for the fact ALL our ‘friends’, gay or straight, still frequent Don Rufino’s.

There is No disputing what happened. It WAS discrimination and it was because D’Angelo and myself ARE gay. AND it was never made RIGHT by the ‘gay friend and part owner’. Those are the FACTS in a nutshell, like I said, they’re not disputed by ANYONE involved.

Now, this day, it’s just understood that we won’t do anything which includes Don Rufino’s in the equation. So ALL occasions which include a night out of dinner and/or drinks with friends, be it birthday celebrations, anniversary’s, whatever, are handled in one of two ways- we are either NOT invited because Rufino’s is IN the equation (not a problem), or we meet somewhere else to PARTY, like our apartment or Lava Lounge. Everybody’s HAPPY. Kind of.

It’s ALL just accepted as the way things ARE. Not the best of scenarios, but accepted nonetheless. And that’s what bothers me.

I’m positive if a friend had a discriminatory problem in a particular establishment, the problem would be mine as well and I would support the friend through boycotting the establishment. I should note: I don’t necessarily believe in a ‘blind support’, I love you, but you gotta be right, the facts or situation need to basically speak for themselves. This would be a good example, Video: Gran Hotel in San Jose Discriminates. And don’t forget, everyone does AGREE we were discriminated against.

Now in this case, there are mutual friends involved and I understand that. But if I was the mutual friend of both, ‘us’ and the ‘gay part-owner of Rufino’s’, then I would have to put pressure on the friend I believed wrong. I obviously wouldn’t break the friendship of the ‘gay owner’, but I would say that I couldn’t support an establishment who discriminates in any fashion, gay or whatever, but we’d still be friends.

Am I wrong? Is it asking too much? Are the mutual friends unfairly put in the ‘middle’?

It bothers me, that even our gay Tico friend, Henry, goes there. Of all people, he should understand.

So this is what saddens me- since our friends weren’t the target of the discrimination, they obviously see this as NOT their problem. They took themselves out of the ‘middle’ so to speak. Hell, they took themselves out of the ENTIRE equation. To me, this is HUGE.. it’s the BIGGER problem and to me, speaks volumes about people in general. “I can’t see the white robes outside YOUR door from MY house.

Often difficult to admit, many times we're just thankful not to be the TARGETED group.

You either get what I’m saying or you don’t… it is not my intent to get into the ‘BIGGER picture’ of the ills of society in this post.

But what IS COOL- we meet tourists in Fortuna everyday and at some point in the conversation it goes like this:

“Hey, can you guys recommend a good place to eat?”

“Wells, there’s Lava Lounge, which we REALLY like, great atmosphere, good food… there’s also Rufino’s, GREAT food and they also get a nice crowd, but REALLY... we don’t go there on PRINCIPLE anymore.”

They always ask WHY?

So what’s COOL about that you ask?

Every ONE of them tells us, “Well, we won't go to Rufino’s then, fuck that.

Unconditionally. No questions asked. TOTAL support. They don’t give it another thought.

And HEY RUFINOS! We meet and talk to a LOT of people and that doesn’t even include the couchsurfers who stay with us.

This totally renews my FAITH in PEOPLE.

As for our ‘friends’…. they’re NOT really. Sad in a way, but it’s the TRUTH, because think about it, what if the SHIT really hit the fan?

I’m pretty certain, we’d be standing alone. Unless some couchsurfers happen to be staying with US.

Couchsurfers are COOL.

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Monday, July 13, 2009

Tribute to MJ- Couchsurfing STYLE

Fortuna Costa Rica, where impromptu couchsurfing parties can happen at ANY time.

I'm sure most of you know D'Angelo and myself live in La Fortuna Costa Rica, home of the Arenal Volcano.

One of the things I LOVE about Costa Rica, and I've written about it a few times, is the simple way of life. The fact families hang-out in the park outside our window for entire afternoons, enjoying each others company,
playing soccer, talking, hanging-out, whatever and don't need a 'screen' to constantly entertain them, is appealing to me. I think the 'STATES' kind of lost that innocence.

If you read this blog, you also know we participate in couchsurfing and ENjOy meeting people from around the WORLD. When we have people over, we're either dancing, playing a game called, 'Apples to Apples', dominoes or just eating, drinking and enjoying each others company. That's how we Roll.

So last weekend we had an impromptu party in our apartment. Couchsurfers we had literally just met. So, being Michael Jackson had just died, we decided to pay a little tribute. Here's our NEW friends kickin it 'old school'.

Thankfully, D'Angelo only put me in the video for a second... as I was quite TOASTY... sorry MJ. Check out the SIZE of our small ass apartment. Wouldn't trade it for the world.

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Costa Rica- the accolades CONTINUE

Costa Rica- the Greenest, Happiest, Cleanest and MOST environmentally friendly Country on the Planet, where even reportedly, the SHIT doesn't STINK.

In April of this year, Costa Rica was said to be the fifth CLEANEST country on the planet. It has also been known for quite some time to be the most environmentally friendly country as well... and dare we forget Costa Rica, the Nicoya Peninsula in particular, is now HOME to one of the coveted Blue Zones. But not only CLEAN, BLUE and environmentally friendly, NOW, Costa Rica is also the 'Happiest' and 'Greenest' country on the GLOBE according to the folks at, ‘The New Economics Foundation.’ Apparently these folks have MONEY and extra time on their hands since they looked at 143 countries, and devised an equation which evaluates life expectancy and people’s happiness against their environmental impact. Who knew?

This is one of the WORST things that could have happened to Costa Rica.

The marketing machine that IS Costa Rica has already SUCCESSFULLY linked and made itself synonymous with the following words and phrases over the years:

Green, self-sustainable, Paradise, organic, environmentally friendly, Slice of Heaven, Happy, carbon neutral country, Pura Vida, clean, Blue Zone, Simple life, Blah, Blah, Blah.

These words will also be the eventual downfall of Costa Rica (mark my words) as they can’t possibly live up to this ‘Garden of Eden’ type status they’ve created for themselves in the long haul. Not that I'm hoping things don't really CHANGE for the BETTER.

There are a FEW of us who do CARE and will expose this farce, this ‘creative marketing’ for what it is- But not to merely BAD mouth the country, that is NEVER my intent, but to educate and wake UP people to what’s REALLY happening.... and conversely what needs to be done to be TRULY environmentally friendly and GREEN and self-sustainable, and organic and BLUE and……………….. happy.

PERCEPTION is not necessarily REALITY.

This perception of being ‘clean’, environmentally friendly ETC. will loll the masses into complacency about what’s really HAPPENING in the countries oceans, rivers and rainforests. This marketing technique of, ‘Paradise on EARTH’ is working a little too well, but have you seen what’s going on in places like Manuel Antonio, Jacó, Tamarindo and other popular tourist destinations- polluted rivers, deforestation, wildlife corridors blocked, over-building, illegal building, shark finning etc.

The Tico’s have been hearing these PURA VIDA slogans for so long, not only do they tend to believe them, but they REPEAT them and help spread the misconception, especially to the tourist types. Tico’s won’t like what I’m about to say, and of course I’m not saying ‘ALL’ Tico’s, but it seems to be TRUE that Tico’s often have their head in the sand as to the environmental ISSUES of their country. Content in an 'out-of-sight', 'out-of-mind' sort of way. No wonder they’re HAPPY.

Problem is, if Tico's don't think there's a problem, the issues that need to be addressed and changed just won't have the SUPPORT. If the awards and superlatives are the perception of the REAL Costa Rica, why fix it if it ain't broke?

What's the problem, I can't see SHIT from here?

One other thing.. and there’s also no denying this… Costa Rica’s BARK is much worse than their BITE, which has always been one of the main problems with all their self-sustainable, environmentally friendly BULLSHIT. Don’t get me started.

Costa Rica has DONE it, with even BIGGER results than they could have imagined. Say something long enough and people begin to BELIEVE and hence, the perception has become the reality… WORLD WIDE.

There’s TALK that even God wants to move here (he's heard a lot of good things). Which is cool, cause I got some land for SALE.

Like I said, this is one of the WORST things that could have happened.

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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Theft, Crime and STUPID Tourists

Theft and Crime on the Rise in Costa Rica... I wonder why?.

The above was reported in my favorite 'Daily English-language 'internet' news source Monday through Friday', AM Costa Rica. But I won't be BASHING them TODAY.

You know, the stupidity of people appears to know NO BOUNDS, at least judging by the above SCAM. In this day and age of infinite amounts of easily accessible INFO, there's just NO excuse for not knowing certain things. Okay, skip that, even a 15-year old has heard, "If it sounds to GOOD to be true..."

Okay, crime IS on the rise in Costa Rica, but no where near the proportions of places like Detroit and most cities in the US, but if crime is on the RISE, then so is STUPIDITY... especially from you tourist types.

You know who you are............ actually, you probably DON'T- you're too stupid to recognize yourself.

Let's see if I can HELP you to I-D-E-N-T-I-F-Y.

Do you....

...believe SHIT like this? You have just been awarded,750,000.00 GBP in the 2009 Online Siemens Lottery,send us the following... or the lady from India who can't access her account and needs your help to do so... and of course she'll pay you back, it's guaranteed.

...believe the nice man on the beach who speaks perfect English when he tells you he'll watch your stuff while you frolic in the ocean waves.

...think your $2,000. SLR camera is fine on the seat of your rental while you run in and get some money from the bank.

...wear Bermuda shorts pulled up to your waist?

...think you LOOK better whitewater rafting, ziplining through the jungle, waterfall rappelling, ATV'ing etc. wearing massive amounts of expensive jewelery?

...leave valuables in your rental car overnight in the hotel parking lot because there's a security guard there?

...go to sleep on the bus while your laptop is in the overhead?

...believe the guy that tells you he knows the BEST souvenir shop, hotel or restaurant?

...know NOT everyone is GENUINE about helping you FIX your flat tire or wiping off the mustard they accidentally spilled on your shirt?

...have 'TOURIST' tattooed on your forehead?

...believe because someone speaks ENGLISH, they are believable or have your best interest at heart?

...think because your hotel room is locked that your valuables are necessarily safe?

...carry large amounts of cash or other valuables at night when you go out on the town?

If you've answered 'YES' to any of these, even the one about knowing the BEST souvenir shop, I really do have some land here you can get pretty cheap... and NO, it's not SWAMP land. Seriously, I do.

My favorite thing about stupid tourists- they're usually the ones who complain the MOST and the LOUDEST- telling anyone who will listen to their horror story of how crime ridden and dangerous Costa Rica IS. And if these, 'no taking responsibility, complaining, whining, pointing the finger' types happen to be writers or bloggers on the internet- LOOK OUT, because they can have some serious negative IMPACT, since Henry and Martha from Omaha tend to believe these IDIOTS.

CRIME and theft are on the RISE because STUPIDITY is on the RISE. Costa Rica is a GREAT country to live or visit, but like anywhere else on the fuck'in PLANET, precautions need to be taken, AWARENESS is a must and homework should be done BEFORE hand.... and could you at least try and fit in a bit more? Have you NOT heard, "When in Rome....?"

I still hold that 95% of theft and crime is YOUR FAULT.

*and please, I know their are situations when precautions were taken, but BAD things still happened. This is an exception and NOT the rule, so don't bore me with your HORROR story- SHIT HAPPENS... even BAD shit.

Check this OUT to Remind yourself of things you may have forgotten you know: Theft and You in Costa Rica.

Here's a couple VIDEOS we've done about Theft and Crime:

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