Tuesday, August 4, 2009

F*** YOU! very, VERY MUCH... the song.

I swear I TRY to keep my GAY and STRAIGHT blogs separated. But sometimes, I just can't HELP myself. This is one of those times. If I lose some readers, so BE it. The song speaks for itself.

FINALLY, Do'in GAY Costa Rica finds the perfect GAY Song with the perfect GAY message to ALL those bigoted, HOMOPHOBES out there. A song that says what many of us GAY, faggotty types having been trying to say for years- but SO much better. So to ALL my closeted GAY Tico friends, or ANYWHERE else GAY is not accepted, let this SONG give you the COURAGE.

I dedicate this SONG to the following folks/organizations who seem to have a hard time finding the LOVE in their hearts:

* The Roman Catholic Church BUT especially to one of the BIGGEST Roman Catholic PENISES in all of Costa Rica, the Archbishop Hugo Barrantes. That's him, see the resemblance?

* Family members, so-called friends or ANYONE else for that matter who MAKES it, or MADE it HARD for young gay boys or lesbians to COME OUT.

* The redneck owner of Don Rufino's Restaurant in La Fortuna Costa Rica.

* The likes of Pat Robertson, James Dobson, and the very FAT but thankfully DEAD, Jerry Falwell. Side note: The death of that 'fuck' was one of the BEST days of my LIFE, barely edged out by the birth of my children and of course WINNING a BIG ass house in FIJI.

* OH, and last and least, an old child hood friend, Rick Jones, who deleted me off his FACEBOOK friends list for being GAY.

Feel Free to learn the words and SING a long, it's really quite catchy... and GAY!

I'd like to say 'THANX' to the Costa Rica Blogger for turning me on to this video. And you should check out his BLOG, he's got TONS of GREAT Info about Costa Rica... not that we don't.... just sayin.