Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dear Costa Rica Traveler,

'Travel Costa Rica NOW, Do'in Costa Rica, Do'in GAY Costa Rica and iCostaRica24, ALL say THANX... we appreciate the LOVE'.

We LOVE receiving emails and comments about our videos and blog posts- it’s ALWAYS nice to be recognized and appreciated for the work you do, and for me, a nice boost to the ‘ol self esteem. We even like ‘constructive feedback’ emails and comments as it ONLY makes us BETTER in the long run.

The fact someone took the TIME to comment- is TRULY appreciated… well mostly anyway. Let me clarify.

First, it should be noted- We try to answer any and all emails and comments we receive PERSONALLY. We feel it’s IMPORTANT. That said,

We also get these types of Emails:
“We’re planning a trip to Costa Rica, can you recommend where we should go? We only have 6 days.”
“How can we get to Rio Celeste from La Fortuna without taking a paid tour?”
“How’s the weather on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica in June?”
WTF? Are you NEW to the internet? Have you heard of the GOOGLE search BAR?

GOOGLE yourself. Just type in- 'Costa Rica', 'weather' and 'Pacific coast'... you'll be surprised what POPS UP.

Do you see the problem? They ask a VERY broad question in one sentence which demands at least a paragraph to answer. Sorry guys, no disrespect, but I don’t have neither the TIME nor the INCLINATION to do your research and homework for YOU.
Now, if you want US to put together your Costa Rica Travel Package, gay or otherwise, or perhaps show you Costa Rica personally, well, that’s an ENTIRELY different matter… and of course would include the exchanging of monies for services… just sayin.
And here’s the RUB. Our websites and VIDEOS provide about 85% of the answers to any questions concerning a vacation in Costa Rica. But believe me, there are a TON of GREAT Costa Rican websites which can answer the other 15%-Although admittedly, it’s NOT always easy to find the good, informative ones. DO YOUR HOMEWORK.

I’ve already done mine (2 years of it so far, but I’m not complaining mind you).

Cruise the below sites FIRST. They’re a valuable resource and will answer many of your questions

When you see this BANNER, you've made it to our OFFICIAL Costa Rica Travel Guide- START YOUR HOME WORK HERE.

Travel Costa Rica NOW: This is our Costa Rica Travel Guide- Pages and pages of INFO and videos pertaining to traveling and vacationing in Costa Rica. Places to visit, animals, FAQ’s, Best of Costa Rica, MAPS, and National Parks etc. We add to it regularly.

Doing Costa Rica: This is my BLOG and probably not for everyone. I offer my perspective on many different topics concerning Costa Rica and it’s usually a perspective OUTSIDE the BOX so to speak. I’ve written about sharkfinning, Blue Zone Living, making the move, banking, driving, current events and much, MUCH MORE. I usually post our videos here as well. In case you haven't noticed, you're on THIS site NOW.

Do'in GAY Costa Rica Blog: Same as above, but strictly GAY. Gay bars in Costa Rica, gay clubs in Costa Rica, gay life in Costa Rica, current GAY news and anything else GAY as it pertains to ME or Costa Rica. This blog is also not for everyone as I am often guilty of providing TMI (Too Much Information) about my own life. This site is ADULT’s ONLY.

Our YouTube Channel: All our Costa Rica VIDEOS on our youtube channel, iCostaRica24. These videos are also on our TravelCostaRicaNOW site in a more organized fashion. But they are here as well if you want to cruise around without any written text.

GAY Guide to Costa Rica: This goes STRAIGHT to the GAY section of our Costa Rica Travel Guide. Gay clubs, bars, restaurants, GAY reviews and much, MUCH MORE.

NOW, if you have a question... feel FREE. PURA VIDA!

Thanks for your UNDERSTANDING