Friday, August 21, 2009

Kinkajou's and other matters of DEATH

La Fortuna Costa Rica- Death of a Kinkajou

Well, gotta say, we’re BUMMIN’ today. Last night driving past Baldi Hot Springs we ran over and killed a Kinkajou. (More Info) on the kinkajou.

We’re not bummin’ because we feel guilty or somehow responsible per se, as this accident would definitely fit UNDER the, ‘came out of nowhere’ category, but a Kinkajou… why couldn’t it have been a kudamundi or something?

I know, I know… all creatures are just as IMPORTANT as any others… blah, blah, blah, but had you ever seen a kinkajou? Me, I didn’t even know what one was before moving to Costa Rica. Running over a kinkajou is like killing a sloth or squirrel monkey in my Book. They’re just so CUTE, CUDDLY and INNOCENT… and really, you don’t see them often, almost NEVER, so it seems so WRONG. Besides, I like the animals I run over to be UGLY.

Iguanas, some snakes, various no-name birds, possums, deer, raccoons and yes, even kudamundies are acceptable forms of ROADKILL to me. Sloths, squirrel monkeys, margays/ocelots, kinkajous, macaws and some others- ARE NOT. So sue me if I don’t mourn the death of an unlucky iguana. Me dying tomorrow is one thing, but my son would be an entirely different thing… maybe not the best analogy, but that’s how I feel about the Kinkajou dying, say, versus an iguana. But I realize iguana’s have families too.

It's not that kundamundi's aren't cute in their own rodent type of WAY... but there are PLENTY of them and they could use a little population control ANYWAY.

It’s buried next to the church in the center of La Fortuna. Now THAT wasn’t done by me, I don’t really bury animals. Although I love animals, I would have tossed it in the ditch a long side the road…. just sayin. I believe the Kinkajou’s death would have been better served in the ditch, where other animals could have gnawed on it a bit for an easy meal ……. I’m a Circle of LIFE kinda guy. And for the record, my body could be thrown in a ditch (dead of course) as well, although I’d rather be given to some kind of scientific research center, I got no problem with buzzards do’in their thing on me. And in my mind, we're pretty much KIN to the buzzard anyway. lol

Oh well, LIFE goes on and that’s ALL I really know for sure.

Sit back, listen to some Cold Play and check out some of the best Iguana Roadkill footage you may ever see:

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