Sunday, August 16, 2009

Pura Vida and Feel'in the BEATS

Straight from Doing Costa Rica- sexy HOT music to make you FEEL YOURSELF.

I want you to TRUST me.

Close your blinds, shut your doors and get ready to FEEL yourself.

Naked is good, but not mandatory. An OPEN mind and body IS.

Turn this UP.... as LOUD as you can handle.............. and FEEL it.,,, CLOSE YOUR EYES.

BE ONE with the music. This isn't Shakira sexy,,, this is feel the BEAT sexy. Sway to the rhythm of anticipation. As the music builds,,,,,,,, FEEL HOW YOU FEEL............ Nice HUH!

NO distractions,,,,,,,. MOVE. This works better when you know you're ALONE. But if you have someone to share with....all the better. But you'll end up fuckin.... SORRY, just sayin.

UPDATE: haha, Can you tell I may have been a little BUZZED putting up this POST last night... no matter. Still Feelin it.