Saturday, November 20, 2010

AM Costa Rica- JOKE of the DAY

AM Costa Rica, providing the JOKE most days.

Writers BLOCK? Read AM Costa Rica. They can get the ol' creative juices flowing again.

I had no intention of writing this morning... well, that is until I was checking out AM Costa Rica, "Your daily English-language news source Monday through Friday". What can I say, AM Costa Rica is my muse.

Don't worry, no diatribe, no rant and I won't even say, "fuck". This is more of an observation and just another example of how 'subtly-blatant' Am Costa Rica can be in promoting their conservative viewpoint.

Don't need to know much about the specifics of the story, but here's the headline on the FRONT page of A.M. Costa Rica this morning.
'Letter sparks wave of complaints about cable firm'
A 'news story', front page about a cable provider, called Amnet here in Costa Rica that many people are unhappy with.... whatever.

See if you can catch it. This is what the A.M. Costa Rica staff wrote in their 'news story' about 3/4 into the 'article'.
"Amnet shuffled the channel listings and put a number of favorite expat channels, like Fox, into an upgraded package."

Hmmm... wonder why they picked 'Fox' as the example, well, it wasn't for 'The Simpsons' I can assure you. They're inferring we all watch Fox for its NEWS, you know, because it's 'fair and balanced'. I know, I know, many of you are thinking, "So what, that's what your bitching about... give me a break."

Yup, this little sentence has a few 'subtly-blatant' inferences and assumptions in it and since it's not an editorial, you're damn straight I take exception. I'm an ex-pat and let's just say I'd rather watch leaf-cutter ants doing their thing in my backyard before watching Fox, (accept for the Simpsons of course).

Call me hyper-critical, call me whatever you want, just know this, when A.M Costa Rica writes, they're usually writing with a conservative slant whether it's blatant or subtle... and that my FOX FRIENDS, is NEVER fair and balanced but merely an attempt to subtly sway your opinion without appearing to do so.

I can't be the only ex-pat who knows this..... "HELLO! anyone there?"

*Leaf-cutter ants really are worth watching.

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aclem said...

The sad truth is that Fox IS a favorite among many expats here. Coming from a non-southern state as I do, I had met stereotypical rednecks before, but never in such quantity. As far as quality, I'll just say they know very little and what they believe is generally what the right-wing echo machine tells them to believe.

Jay Brodell is hardly atypical, sadly. I only read his site for the occasional tidbit of news that accidentally finds its way in. When/if my Spanish improves enough, I'll just read the Spanish press and avoid the mini-fox that is AM Costa Rica.

Unknown said...

haha...I read AM Costa Rica for the same reason and I'm also in the same boat with you regarding 'spanish'. My only observation about expats has been that Fox Friends tend to live in the San Jose area, while the 'thinking' crowd tends to be in the smaller towns and beach areas. But it's only my observation and experience.

Stephen Duplantier said...

Maybe Jay Brodell is hoping Rupert Murdock will hire him or make a buy-out offer for AM Costa Rica.

May I recommend an alternative for the thinking expat? I am the editor of Neotropica-the Costa Rican Magazine for Living in the New Tropics. It's free and online at Enjoy.

And its more exciting than the mental leaf-cutters.