Monday, January 3, 2011

The Pinch-inator is BACK!

Call it whatever you'd like, but THANX for sending a little bit of 'whatever' our way.

We received the BEST Christmas present we could ask for this year. Our little 7 month old chihuahua, Pincho, has made a FULL recovery from his bout with Parvo. WHOO HOO!

Pincho, a few days before getting sick... THANX Torri in Arizona, he loves his furry sleep sack.

It was an extremely rough 4-5 days for all. We felt pretty helpless watching just about every ounce of fluid exit his little body in violent fashion for the first 2 days... it didn't take long before he looked like one of those emaciated street dogs we often see when visiting Nicaragua. And we're talking a chihuahua here, not a whole lot of weight to lose as you can imagine. D'Angelo and myself stayed with him 24-7, making sure to give him constant electrolytes to battle the dehydration since he was obviously WAY too lethargic to drink for himself. We also gave him small doses of colloidal silver just because, as well as an antibiotic injection for 3 days to fight off other would-be attackers to his weakened immune system. Well, whatever it was we did, it worked. And we don't even want to think about the alternative- devastated wouldn't begin to describe it.

Pincho, yesterday, feeling a whole lot better and sportin' his new leopard skin- a present from Ed and Damien in San Jose- THANX GUYS..

We just want to thank you guys for the supportive comments and emails and also send a special SHOUT-OUT to Karen in Florida and Michelle in South Carolina- it really helped, thanx. And of course ALL the positive ENERGY that was sent our WAY during our battle with this really UG-LY virus. I'm sure if he could, Pincho would lick all your faces to show his appreciation. Besos y Abrazos from La Fortuna, Costa Rica.