Monday, April 2, 2012

What's the BUG Situation in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica has MORE than its fair share of bugs, spiders, snakes and other nondescript creepy-crawlies. To many, that's just Costa Rica and comes with the territory, to others, it's their worst nightmare. We know, we receive more than a few emails from those who are SCARED to death of the possibility of encountering a rabid, steroided, flying whatchamacallit while traveling around Costa Rica. So they write and ask if they should be worried... because they really want to come and all, but not if the odds are good they'll come face to face with a grasshopper the size of a baby kitten. You can tell by the tone of their emails that our answer could be a deal breaker.

Just one of the reasons you want to stay ON the trail.

We understand their concern and made this video to put your mind at ease.

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