Friday, April 13, 2012


The rich and powerful in Costa Rica scamming legitimate land owners with impunity.

Looks like Costa Rica is shooting itself in the foot again. This video was sent to me from a friend so I'm passing it on.... I don't know if this guys story is true but I know where I would lay my money. At the least, it's interesting and should be considered if you own or would like to own land in Costa Rica. Check it out,,,totally SUCKS and if it's true, goes way UP the ladder.

This VIDEO is about the 14 year struggle of Sheldon Haseltine to get land back from rich squatters, who hide behind "landless peasants" and cynically use the Costa Rica Justice System for their own benefit and profit.

Good LUCK Mr. Haseltine, I fear you're going to need it.

"The real victim is Investment and Tourism in Costa Rica. If these hoggish hypocrites are allowed to get away with threatening me with jail after the Tribunal has ruled in our favor then the law is merely a tool for sanctioning land grabs. If they get away with this, no foreigner and Tico is immune from this kind of voracious swindle. That they hid behind the skirts of a campesino like cowards say it all . It was only by providence that we discovered the real truth behind this squalid swindle." -S. Haseltine

PS. For you Costa Rica bloggers out there- PASS this ON, it's the least we could do.

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