Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sloths being ELECTROCUTED in Costa Rica

Sloths are my favorite animals in Costa Rica

The electrocution of sloths, monkeys and other small creatures is a unfortunate reality in Costa Rica, but to be honest, I'm not quite sure how big the problem actually is. But from what I've gathered it happens enough to be a serious concern and really, how many small animals and birds have to needlessly die or be injured before something is done about it anyway. I first heard of the problem when D'Angelo and I were videotaping at the Jaguar Rescue Center in Puerto Viejo- here's that VIDEO.

A sloth livin' the Pura Vida.

Apparently, there's power lines in Costa Rica that are not insulated which of course is NOT good when many small animals use these wires like they would the trees. Gee, wonder if this has anything to do with deforestation? But to give a little credit, the powers that be in CR have tried a few methods to mitigate the problem such as cutting back the branches away from the wires and also building 'bridges' to make coming and going a little easier for the animals... but it's not enough. Wires need to be insulated or put underground. PERIOD.

If you know more about this or know the BEST way to help, please pass that INFO along in the comments.

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