Sunday, September 2, 2012

Costa Rica Travel Packages, Itineraries, INFO, Tips

Travel Costa Rica NOW, NOW provides Costa Rica Travel Packages, travel itineraries, tours, transportation, etc. If it pertains to Costa Rica, we can make it happen- legal of course...hehe. *The VIDEO is below.

And just so we're CRYSTAL CLEAR, yes we're gay...but we're about as 'gay' as you are 'straight',,, know what I mean?

AND really, 'gay' only makes up about 10% of the videos and Costa Rica Travel INFO we share, (cruise around our sites, you'll see).- We provide COSTA RICA INFO for Everyone wanting to visit here, regardless- gay, straight, families... whoever.

We don't do travel packages per se because after 50+ emails are exchanged everything ends up a custom package anyway, so we ONLY do CUSTOM packages. If you're interested in having us help you- Go HERE to get started. Trust me, it's easy.

*We oversee all 'Travel Costa Rica NOW' travel planning and are highly involved in the process, BUT we do have help, it would be IMPOSSIBLE for us to personally correspond with everyone and plan their vacation... but again, we run the show so we know what's going on.

I suppose the bottom line is we're hoping you feel you know us through our videos, blogs etc. and trust us. That's it. Hope to see you soon in Costa Rica.

TONS of Costa Rica Travel Info and VIDEOS on our website: Travel Costa Rica NOW and if you want to visit our YouTube Channel: iCostaRica24 ENjoY!