Saturday, September 8, 2012

Our Friends at Joluva are GUILTY of Being GAY!

The owners of Joluva Guesthouse in Granada Nicaragua were found GUILTY on all charges.

It's TRUE. Our friends, Jan (standing) and Francis (sitting), the owners of Joluva Guesthouse will find out how long they have to sit in a Nicaraguan jail cell eating rotten rice, next Wednesday. Minimum 2 years, maximum 12 years. Are you f***ing kidding me?

Don't know what I'm talking about... the FULL, TRUE story is HERE. Don't feel like reading, basically, my friends were accused of 'sexual exploitation of minors', 'promoting sexual tourism', 'pornography' etc... but take my word, the entire thing was about being successful, gay, foreign business owners in Nicaragua. How dare they promote gay in Nicaragua...and be successful.

I'm going to hold my 'pen' for the time being and not write anything until AFTER Wednesday... but after that, it's GAME ON. I may not be the Huffington Post but I'll attempt to use 'whatever' means to get their story out. Although Jan and Francis are my friends and I would help them regardless, this SO could have been me and D'Angelo and a LOT of other folks I know.. and I just can't leave them hanging. In the meantime, I have some ideas of my own but if anyone else has some ideas as to what we can do, please email me-

I'm heartsick, this is SOOooooooooooo sad...... and if you knew them and the TRUTH, you'd know why......... a 3rd World jail cell............. have you seen those movies?

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