Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Our Vacation Rental VIDEO Gets Harsh Feedback

michael alan and D'Angelo (Travel Costa Rica NOW) have a vacation rental property in La Fortuna Costa Rica.

Yup, we now have a vacation rental property in La Fortuna, so we decided to do a preliminary video about it, which is below. We posted it yesterday and received this message on Facebook from a guy we don't know:
"This video is not professional and does not represent either of you or your business. Why would you want to show anyone the mess, refer to it as “this fucking house,” and expect anyone to want to rent anything from you? I would delete it immediately. When you sober up and look at it again, you will agree."
First I want to say, we put ourselves out there with what we do and realize we're going to get the spectrum of feedback, folks who love us, those that don't and everything between. In other words, we're fine with taking the good with the bad- to us it's all GOOD and if we can't take it, we shouldn't be doing it. And really, most of the feedback we receive is extremely positive anyway.

To be honest, this comment irked me a little and I'll tell you why. We have over 240 informative videos and THOUSAND + pages (blogs/website) about traveling and living in Costa Rica. We have maybe 3 videos like this one and I'm thinking if he knew our 'body of work' so to speak, he wouldn't be judging so harshly.

So we have this new vacation rental property that's about 2 months away from being ready to rent. We need furniture, decorations, a little minor repairs and landscaping (we're totally going to LUSH it out the grounds). We started the renovation but wanted to show you the place even though at this point it's basically a mess. We'll be doing 2 more videos as things progress and the quality of the videos will progress as well. But on this particular 'first video' we decided to do it raw. If this video was about the effects of Dengue on a 10-year old in Costa Rica, we would have been 'professional'
but to get friends to help you with your house for FREE, you need a LOT of pizza and beer... and we had it. D'Angelo and myself work very hard- everyday. Really. Everyday. And since we weren't doing a Dengue video, we had a little fun and yes, had a few too many beers. Work hard - Play hard. We deserve it from time to time. I guess what I'm trying to say is, D'Angelo and myself are 'real' people, living a 'real' life in a foreign country and struggling everyday to make it work. We're not trying to be 'slick' but it's true, we have a couple videos that are not very professional. So what? At least we're 'real' and we are honest. We don't have an agenda like most every Costa Rica website on the internet today, but even if we did have an agenda, we'd tell you what it was. And I got news for you, this IS us and we don't expect anything. I'm also sober enough to know I'd rather drink with my friends and be unprofessional from time to time then be who you think I'm suppose to be to make you happy. So the video stays. But really, feel free to stay off our channel and our sites and FaceBook.

Here's our video about our new vacation rental in La Fortuna. BE WARNED- If you don't appreciate beer and unprofessionalism, don't watch, you'll be so disappointed with us.

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