Monday, November 1, 2010

Interbus RESPONDS and calls us LIARS wtf?

"HEY Interbus, I'm not through with you."

"interbus, Interbus, INTERBUS, are you stupid?" You don't respond to a blogger. You think I'm going to let you get away with coming into my house, calling us liars without ripping you a new asshole, I don't think so. You may think you responded out of professional courtesy, I would call it professional stupidity.

Don't know what Interbus did? It's here. Then they made the mistake of commenting...

I suppose I should give Interbus props for taking the time to respond... ahhhh fuck that, lets get to it. Here's what they said. *I took the liberty of numbering their bullshit rationales so it would be easier to follow along.

Dear Michael allan
as you point out in your article:

1. At time of reservation, you or the third party booking in your name did not point out you had a pet traveling with you and Interbus does not carry pets

2. You did not even mention to the driver at the time of boarding the bus you have a pet, so you did hide that fact to Interbus

3. We are sorry you did not know about our polici but you did not even ask about it, knowing you were carrying a pet. Nevertheless Interbus publishes its policies in all documentations and web site.

4. Interbus did provide transportation to your destination even if you were traveling with a pet then informed your travel agency about the situation, so you were not left hanging as you say. You already had a travel agent to refere to.
We are happy you found a solution to your need even if with another transportation company, which I am sure was aware of you traveling with a pet and accepted it.

Best regards
Customer Service

Okay Interbus, try to follow along.

First, not as an excuse but think about it, the fact the 3rd party forgot to mention a dog, nor did we, nor did the driver see him, it's pretty easy to forget about a 3 lb. chihuahua. Tell me you don't understand that. Keep that in mind when reading the rest of this.

1. It WAS a third party that booked for us, they did know we were traveling with our 'dog' but obviously forgot to mention it. I believe this was an excusable oversight for the above reason.

2. We failed to mention it because we didn't think or know it was an issue and remember- WE DIDN'T BOOK IT. We were the only 2 that boarded the van so it was me, D'Angelo, our 'dog' and your driver for 3 1/2 hours. Don't really want to blame the driver but there could be a case made that maybe he should've paid more attention to 'who' and 'what' boarded his van. And fuck you, I don't appreciate the implication that we were lying or hiding the fact we had a dog with us. If that were the case, we wouldn't have taken him out in plain view of the driver to pee when we stopped..... dumbass. If we didn't want the driver to see him, he wouldn't have....hell, I could have stuck him in my pocket and the driver would have just thought I was really well endowed....geez.

3. This is a stupid rationale. WE DIDN'T BOOK IT and since the 3rd party that did, knew we had our dog, we just assumed everything was COOL. Us not asking about the policy is like your driver not telling us about the policy. I gotta idea. Maybe your drivers should introduce themselves and then ask the following: "Mr. and Mrs. Tourist, are you traveling with any firearms, drugs, wild animals, seeds, pets, illegal Mexicans, fruit or any other contraband that would go against Interbus policy... SWEET, welcome to INTERBUS." But apparently you didn't read our policy and procedure handbook either, it clearly states we travel with our dog- if you just would have asked, we would have told you.... get it?

4. You took us to our destination because the driver didn't realize we had a dog for the first 3 1/2 hours until we stopped for a break and waited for our connection. Of course we appreciate the fact he didn't kick us out when he learned we were carrying contraband, but then again, pussy-boy driver didn't say shit about anything, he just secretly called Interbus headquarters to self-report he had been unknowingly transporting 3 lbs of dog fur... "Oh my god, the HORROR."

We don't have a travel agent but it is true the '3rd party' in this case IS a travel agent. She was merely doing us a favor. A travel agent gets paid. You assume to much. She felt partly responsible for what happened so yes, she helped us out BECAUSE YOU WOULDN'T. And this is the point of the entire ordeal, not the other BS.... I understand the f'in RULE, I just don't understand your lack of courtesy and the fact you basically called us liars in your response. Do you realize that? You assumed we were trying to pull a fast one and you responded by refusing to show a little understanding or discretion. And here you are, instead of apologizing, rationalizing your behavior because you assumed too much in the first place. No, customers are not always right but we are.

I'll be happy to post your apology when you give it. Until then, fuck you Interbus. No, really.

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I feel for you - but what do you expect, I travel to CR every month, and there is always something that goes wrong, my room is never the right room,we have to move you to another hotel,the driver had the wrong arrival time ect,I just assume it's not going to go right- when you make the decision to move and live in a third world country you must remember it's run with a third world mentality, don't let the frustrations get to you just expect them- I have decided to take the easy way I just visit then return to civilization and start planning my next visit

jdocop said...

I read your first rant, and pretty much dismissed it for what it was. Most of the world has learned to live without allowing some little four-legged 3# yip-yip-gator-appetizer to dominate our lives, but apparently y’all can’t take a crap without taking along your dependent. The simple fact of the matter is that y’all violated the policies of a legitimate company, and got caught. Get over it already. It was bad enough that you had to rave and rant, and use foul language that ill becomes an adult. But, now, after someone representing that company has taken the time to respond to you (very politely, I might add), you act as if you have been insulted. The only insulted party here is Interbus. As for you having been called a liar, I sure don’t see that in the person’s response to you. And to think that you end your latest tirade indicating that you expect them to apologize to you. You got some nerve! If I was you, I would consider obtaining legal representation in preparation for their pending defamation/slander/libel demanda or denuncia, ‘cause they certainly have grounds, under Tico law for one serious legal action against you.

Unknown said...

John, you're as STUpid as they are. Take the cussing out girlie man and re-read the post. We didn't book it... if we were hiding a dog, wouldn't we hide it for the entire trip... good Lord man, READ. This was not professional by Interbus, JOHN, " you did hide that fact to Interbus". Obviously you don't believe us either...whatever. Slander? Defamation? paa...leeeez. Look up the words on WIKI and get educated John. Did you really think I expected or even want an apology... take the stick out of your ass and don't take it so seriously. For you or anyone else who believe I 'rant'.... this blog is strictly fodder for me... a little INFO and perspective and I try to make it a bit entertaining... but John, if 'fuck' bothers you, feel free to stay off my fuckin blog.

Jason said...

It's a bummer writing this, because I've really enjoyed your past videos and locals' picks and recommendationss, but JDOCOP is completely correct: You come across like raving madman with the foul language, attacks, non-sequitors and ridiculous stock photos.

First why on earth would you be upset that a company responded to your "complaint?" Travel writers and consumer advocates, which you are based on your site, WANT interaction with the company. Anyone logical person who writes a complaint (from Joe Citizen blogger to the New York Times) ASKS for and prints both sides of the story.

This company responded promptly with a concise, well written and reasonable summary, and while you may disagree (and prefer yourself to be a one way conduit of diatribe) you actually call the "fuck you" and "bitches?" That speaks volume about your character.

Second, I actually AGREE that a small dog is a non-issue. Live and let live. If you had written a post about their non-friendly pet policy and discussed alternatives that would be of value to readers.

Instead you blow your lid and start a personal pissing match between you and a bus company.

There's a line between calling a company out on arcane policies and bad customer service and using your blog as a bully pulpit.

I can't bring my bike into the grocery store I go to (or my dog for that matter) and while I don't care for the rules I respect that company's authority to run their business as they see fit. If I AM interested in changing it I start a SMART and engaging dialogue.

There's only one side that needs to apologize.

Signed, A calm and rational thinker.

p.s.: I travel with my dog at times too. It doesn't matter whether it's a hamster or a great dane - Rule number one, before purchasing a ticket, you ask "Do you allow pets."

Unknown said...

OMG,,, this is too funny. One more time. We didn't book it. We thought everything was fine since the person that did, knew we were traveling with our dog. So in effect Jason, we thought she did ask... how are you guys not seeing this. Get past the cussing... I'm a BAD man, I like to cuss. Interbus accuses us of intentionally hiding our dog, implying we were lying, also not true. I'm sorry you didn't catch that 'slight' in their response. You judge my character on the fact I like to say 'bitches and hoes'...whatever dude. I'm sorry you won't be able to enjoy our videos and local picks anymore. Hmmmm, so which am I, guy in the videos or the guy writing the blog with the bad stock pics.... I contain have no idea. Don't think I have anything to say... seriously, stay away. I write for a party of one. But thanx for your perspective.

Going Like Sixty said...

Wow, I just subscribed to your blog and started reading today.

"the ugly" you certainly got that covered.

I think I'll say on the sidelines and let you get over yourself and see what happens next.

You're too passionate not to continue reading.

You were wrong. You got caught. Such venom.

Unknown said...

Hmmm 60, usually when I get called a arrogant, conceited, lying prick, it's by people that know me.... have we met?

Jennifer said...

I have to agree with Michael Alan on this. The driver should have asked questions to the boarding passengers and make sure they are not bringing anything against Interbus rules and policies.
I also think the driver wanted a handout to look the other way and when he got nothing, he reported the two of you.
The letter from the company implied you were trying to break the rules. The tone of the letter was arrogant and conceited from my point of view and I can understand why you got angry.
I love your fucking blog and thanks for the great work guys !

Unknown said...

FINALLY. THANX Jennifer for 'getting it'. Bottom line, we weren't trying to get away with ANYTHING. but I so appreciate the nice words.

Anonymous said...

jdocop, grow a set. Stop with the nonsense about stupid lawsuits, demandas or denuncias. First, Michael Allen and D'Angelo provide an awesome service here with their blog. They've helped too many people to count, in person, with their blog and in so many other ways. What have you contributed lately if ever jdocop? Costa Rica ain't even near being perfect. Michael is relating an off experience which he had. The DRIVER should have absolutely briefly gone over the rules of the company and inquired if anyone was in violation of those rules. I'd trust Michael Allen and D'Angelo's advice hands down any day over anything that you have to say jdocop. Also, I agree with Jennifer, I'm sure if Michael would have offered some dough to the driver, the response would have been "todo bien Don Michael!". Jason, who died and put you in fucking charge of being God to judge people? So what if Michael curses and says "fuck" and "fuck you"? So what if he uses what YOU consider ridiculous stock photos? I happen to like the fact that he's a human being and curses when he's pissed or frustrated and I happen to like his use of stock photos and anything else the fuck that he wants to put on his blog? His stock photos make me laugh and that's why I like em! Who the fuck are you dude to sit in jugdement? Just excercise your fucking right NOT be have anything to do with his blog asshole. I've been trying to put my finger on that something that's missing in Costa Rica and it's the cursing Goddamit! I miss the fucking cursing AKA colorful language. Cursing is part of the human expression, it's part of the human experience. Cursing makes one feel alive! Cursing is tons of fun! Cursing makes me feel alive karajo! So please Jason, don't be a fucking stupid pendejo man. Goinglike60, what the fuck man? Another pendejo with the venom bullshit! The guy was fucking venting on a bad experience! I like to know about these experiences so as that they might not fucking happen to ME puneta! How the fuck do YOU people vent???? Some people go in a fucking corner and cry their little eyes out. Other people will tell the object of their rage or frustration "fuck you" and other juicy choice words. Michael had every fucking right to be pissed off at Interbus. No one is forced to read, participate or otherwise view this blog. I enjoy Michael Allen and D'Angelo's Blog! I hope that you don't change anything with your blog Michael. And oh my, I'm so sorry about the French. ;)