Friday, December 25, 2009

MORE Boruca Indian Masks

Okay, I LOVE the Boruca Indian masks what can I say and a few more just ARRIVED. I actually bought the mask to the left and it's NOW my personal favorite.... until the next batch comes in....hehe

I mentioned this before, but the pics just don't do these masks justice. I wish I could fly each and every one of you out to Costa Rica so you could view them PERSONALLY.

But FIRST, I would like to wish everyone the BEST during this holiday season regardless of how you happen to CELEBRATE (or in my case, you don't)... and I HOPE next year is the BEST one EVER.

Just want to show you some more Boruca masks, but if you missed my last posting about the Boruca Indians, there's a more INFO and other masks HERE.

Boruca (or Brunka) Indian masks:

The 2 below can actually run a little more money as they're made out of cedar and carved by the patriarch himself, Ismael Gonzalez.

Have a GOOD one.

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

La Fortuna Waterfall and Salto

La Fortuna, Costa Rica is home to NOT only the Arenal Volcano, but I pretty cool waterfall as well.

Obviously we LOVE La Fortuna Costa Rica or we wouldn't LIVE here... YOU wouldn't live somewhere YOU didn't care for, would YOU? I've written numerous times about La Fortuna and what it has to OFFER and believe me, it's much more than just HOME to the ever-erupting Arenal Volcano.

So besides doing the famous Arenal volcano hike, I would suggest a visit to the La Fortuna waterfall (La Catarata) as well. The waterfall is located only about 3 miles from the center of town and nestled in the hills over looking La Fortuna.

The hike down to the waterfall is a little steep, but rather nice. Here's D'Angelo and Christopher taking a little break.

Me, chillin in a small pool just a little down stream from the waterfall.

Why read what I gotta say about Fortuna Falls, we did a VIDEO, complete with INFO and GREAT footage:

Unless you're walking 'to' and 'from' the Fortuna Waterfall, you only need about an hour and a half to ENjoY the area. (The times for visiting the waterfall are from 8:00am to 4:00pm).

So, since you're in the area anyway, you should also visit Salto, and here's the VIDEO if you're not sure what I'm talking about (it's DEFINITELY worth a look).

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Monday, December 14, 2009

Flying into the San Jose Airport

The soon to be defuncted, 'official' taxi of the Juan Santamaria International Airport.

It appears the ubiquitous orange taxi's (all 75 of them), that provide service only from the Juan Santamaria International Airport aka San Jose Airport, to the surrounding San Jose area, are being 'kicked to the curb'.

Doesn't really matter WHY, but in about 3 months it looks like their licenses will be REVOKED- figuratively and literally.

So, here's our NEW video, combined with the old yet still pertinent footage about flying into the San Jose Airport- Hope it Helps.

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Monday, December 7, 2009

Sexually Exploited Children in Costa Rica

The sexual exploitation of children is a TOP concern in Costa Rica...."OH REALLY?"

Prostitution is LEGAL in Costa Rica but that's not to imply there's not a seedier underbelly of underage sex, sexual slavery, drugs and crime lurking just below the surface of the legalities. In particular, Costa Rican officials have been battling the sexual exploitation of minors for YEARS and they absolutely LOATHE the thought that foreigners group Costa Rica with the likes of Taiwan as one of the TOP tourist destinations for every conceivable pedophile and 'Chester the Molester' type seeking SEX with a minor.

Obviously, they still believe it's a problem (it is), because this just came out:
"The Costa Rican Tourism Board (ICT) and the National Tourism Chamber (CANATUR) announced that members of the tourism sector have signed a Code of Conduct that ensures that hotels, tour operators, rent-a-cars and taxi services will monitor tourists and report potential sexual exploitation of minors and adolescents."
FULL STORY if you feel the need.

I don't know about YOU, but this is problem SOLVED! Children can now sleep safe at night knowing hotels, tour operators, rent-a-car establishments and taxi drivers got their BACK.....SWEET!

I promise NOT to get on my soapbox about how Costa Rica is more worried about how they are 'perceived' than the actual TRUTH of things or how their BARK is MUCH WORSE than their BITE. I have TONS of examples on this BLOG, here's ONE, but I digress.

* FOR THE RECORD: It's a given I appreciate Costa Rica's efforts to deter the sexual exploitation of minors... and in my opinion, the ADULTS doing so SHOULD have their genitals cut OFF. BUT....

Let's BREAK this down:

First, 'NIX' the taxi drivers. With few exceptions would any of them make a call to report a potential 'Chester'. Unless:

"Mr. Taxi Driver, I love tying up little girls and torturing them before I fuck them, do you know where I could find something like that?"

...and UNFORTUNATELY, even in this scenario it's not a given they'd make the CALL.

Taxi drivers make good money pointing people in certain directions, so PLEASE, they will NOT be on board, although I'm sure there's a few with a CONSCIOUS out there and of course they'll all say they support the cause.

So they want tour operators, rent-a-car people and hotels to, 'report potential sexual exploitation of minors and adolescents'.

Here's the short-list of problems:

* What EXACTLY is a 'potential sexual exploitation of a minor?' Who defines it and WHO'S qualified to make the 'call'?

* Tico's in general are non-confrontational and don't really want to be 'involved'.

* Who decides if someones a 'Chester'... an 18-year old desk clerk? Is an in-service on 'Chester' profiling involved?

* Most Costa Rican boys and girls under the age of 18, particularly 15-17 years old engaging in SEX, may in FACT be being exploited, but that doesn't mean THEY think they're being exploited- Can you say, 'hostile witness' and hostile witness for a myriad of reasons- personal safety and money being the 2 main reasons.

"This is my friend, 'Chester', he's like my adopted father from the States, what the FUCK are you talking about, he's JUST a friend?"

* Similarly, wanting to protect a 17-year old as opposed to a 9-year old from sexual exploitation are entirely 2 different things...just sayin,,, it is.

* When someone points the finger, like a hotel desk clerk, taxi driver, tour operator- they run the RISK of being WRONG, and EVEN if they're NOT, they also run the risk of being sued.

* 'Chester' unfortunately, doesn't USUALLY look like a 'Molester' or a pedophile, only in the movies.

* Organized crime DOES play a part in this to some degree, do you really think a taxi driver, hotel etc. wants any part of THAT?

* I just can't see hotels making a CALL as they wouldn't want 'their' hotel associated with that kind of behavior and any hotels known for the seedier side of SEX tend to handle their problems internally, if you know what I mean.

* Tour operators? Rent-a-car establishments? Come on, it would have to be something pretty blatant for them to make a 'call'- they don't want any part of this. I can hear it now:

"Yes, this is Joe Schmo rent-a-car, there's semen stains on the back seat and the guy returning the car looks a little sketchy, thought you'd like to know, would you like me to try and detain him?"

This 'Code of Conduct' merely looks good on paper, sounds GOOD, gives the perception Costa Rica is proactively fighting against the sexual exploitation of minors... and of course, ALL the above, taxi drivers included, will applaud this 'CODE' and tell you they support it. (it's to protect the kids for God sake). But in REALITY, to actually apply this 'Code of Conduct', WELL,,,, it's MUCH to subjective to be put in the hands of inexperienced workers merely trying to make a living, but also creates a very, VERY, 'BIG BROTHERish' kind of slippery slope. Very few of the above will make the 'call' unless it is blatant, in your face, exploitation.

Personally, I almost think this would put these 'people' at RISK.

I really, really HATE to say this but I almost think this is a marketing ploy, like saying you're eco-friendly. The below quote with the exception of the name, Joe Schmo Hotel, is taken word for word from an advertisement for a hotel in Costa Rica.

"We at the 'Joe Schmo Hotel' are 100% committed to protecting our children against sexual exploitation and invite you to join us! Thank you for your cooperation and participation."

Who wouldn't say this? Makes you want to book a room NOW... you know, to help save the exploited children.

Hey Costa Rica, you really want to SOLVE this problem? Here's a few tips: Payed informants who 'know' the underbelly of the sex world here, (yeah, it could be a taxi driver), undercover agents posing as 'Chesters', RAIDS on some of the more known, seedier, SEX establishments. Go after organized crime, they're KEY players in this. Weed out bad cops. Then report the NUMBERS, write stories of the GRINGO who came down here looking for underage sex but instead got a 50 year vacation.... and talk and WRITE about it a LOT. Funny, I know you know this, but here you are trying to have other people do YOUR job. Yeah, it would be great if people would get more involved and MAYBE when they actually see YOU doing something, you will then get the hotels, rent-a-cars, taxi drivers and tour operators on-board and they will be more apt to HELP you. BUT until you BITE, they're NOT going to feel obligated to BARK....know what I mean?


- Legal AGE to do STUFF in Costa Rica

- OUR VIDEO about Prostitution in Costa Rica

- Drugs in Costa Rica

- Prostitution / Gambling in Costa Rica

- Sex and Strip Clubs in Costa Rica

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Moving to Costa Rica? THINK AGAIN

Thinking of moving or re-locating to Costa Rica, then consider CULTURE SHOCK.

Culture Shock EXISTS- in various degrees, depending on the person. Culture Shock is REAL- ask anyone that's moved abroad. Culture Shock should NOT be taken lightly or underestimated- or you'll be moving back HOME within a year. So when you decide to uproot your LIFE and move to Costa Rica for a little slice of paradise, realize even the Garden of Eden had it's downside (F'in snake), and vacationing in Costa Rica is NOT the SAME as living in Costa Rica.

Official definition of Culture Shock taken from the folks at WIKI:

"Culture shock refers to the anxiety and feelings (of surprise, disorientation, uncertainty, confusion, etc.) felt when people have to operate within a different and unknown cultural or social environment, such as a foreign country. It grows out of the difficulties in assimilating the new culture, causing difficulty in knowing what is appropriate and what is not. This is often combined with a dislike for or even disgust (moral or aesthetical) with certain aspects of the new or different culture."
Here's our video about Culture Shock, it's a MUST SEE if you're considering the move to Costa Rica:

The video really ONLY covers the 'BASE' of things to consider about Costa Rican Culture before making the move, then there's more practical EVERY DAY considerations such as; transportation issues, the language barrier, money matters, differences in sense of humor, etc.

To minimize Culture Shock and increase the ODDS of staying longer than a few months:

* First, do your HOMEWORK: Learn/Read/Study/Ask about Costa Rica


* Learn to ADJUST and ADAPT to any given situation.

* Be OPEN with a healthy dose of Curiosity

* Keep whining and complaining down to the bare minimum


A personal favorite to some of the more arrogant Gringo's amongst us: When a Tico tells you you're pronouncing it wrong, then YOU'RE PRONOUNCING IT WRONG, so quit arguing just because you passed Rosetta Stone with flying colors.

More on Culture Shock on our TravelCostaRicaNOW site- HERE.

My experience with Costa Rica and Culture Shock.
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Monday, November 23, 2009

Boruca Indian Masks Costa Rica

La Fortuna Costa Rica gets invaded by Boruca Indians and the Danza de los Diablitos (Dance of the Little Devils)

D'Angelo and myself fell in LOVE with the Boruca masks at first sight, but NOT just any Boruca mask, as some are MUCH better than others, but the ones from the Ismael Gonzalez family, and in particular the son, Melvin Gonzalez Rojas, which for our taste seem to be far and away superior in craftsmanship and detail from other Boruca masks we've seen (not sayin there's not others out there just as good....just sayin). Actually we collect Boruca masks... although we only have 2 since they cost a months rent for us. Funny, we're not even into 'masks' per se, but the artistry of these masks are just so AMAZING we couldn't resist.

FYI:The Boruca are an indigenous people living in Costa Rica. The tribe has about 2,000 members, most of whom live on a reservation in the Puntarenas Province in southwestern Costa Rica. You can find more INFO on the Boruca Indians on our TravelCostaRicaNOW site- HERE.

CHECK-OUT these Boruca Masks (the pics are GOOD, but still don't do them enough justice):

Love the vibrant colors in these Boruca masks.

Close UP of the top, left mask- CHECK OUT the detail.

Costa Rican wildlife is a popular theme found on many modern-day Boruca masks.

Frogs, such as the Poison Dart Frog, are also depicted on a variety of Boruca masks.

Another GREAT example of the detailed artwork that's put into these masks.


What I really dig about Boruca masks is that EACH one is UNIQUE even though the themes are similar.... What's that saying about a box of chocolates?

D'Angelo made this VIDEO some time ago about the Boruca Indian masks and it's DEFINITELY worth CHECKING OUT (you can get a glimpse of Melvin Gonzalez Rojas doing his thing:)

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Referral FEES- BEWARE!

The tourism industry in Costa Rica is not unlike every other in the world; which means it's FUELED by 'referral fees and commission checks' that are paid to middle-men, go-betweens and other entities trying to make an EASY buck by merely pointing YOU in a certain direction. *I'm not saying this is necessarily a BAD thing... I'm just sayin.

I know you probably already know that, but making the connection when you're actually in the 'situation', it's really easy to me. Take the below and 'add personality' to the people doing the referring:

- the taxi driver who tells you your hotel is booked solid, but of course knows another one JUST as good.

- the VERY likable tour guide who tells you he knows the BEST place to buy souvenirs.

- the tour operator who recommends one 'tour' over another.

- the gregarious gringo at the bar who tells you he knows a GREAT deal on some property in the area.

...AND pretty much ANYONE steering YOU in one direction over another.

It can be extremely difficult to decipher INFORMATION, when really you have NO CLUE and you're literally at the mercy of whoever happens to be dishing the info out... and you can BET there's an AGENDA attached, usually in the name of a NICE little referral fee.

The information given could be accurate or could NOT be, it really may be one of the BEST restaurants in the area, but what you CAN be SURE of- YOU WILL BE GRINGO PRICED! Referral fees and commissions are passed on to YOU the tourist, it's not like it's coming out of restaurant's own pocket. Case in Point: A large group eating at a more 'touristy' restaurant the tour guide 'happen' to recommend- do you really believe the prices on the menu are cheaper than the Soda (what they call small little mom & pop diners here) down the street? *Tour guides do particularly well in the 'referral' business.

REMEMBER: Keep this in the back of your mind when talking to taxi drivers, tour operators, tour guides or ANYONE for that matter, who are seemingly providing FREE information... and don't let your guard down just because they seem SO nice.

Check out our video about and SEE what we do to combat referral fees and commissions:

TONS of Costa Rica Travel Information and Videos on the links to the RIGHT. ENjoY!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

David Gimelfarb and Michael Dixon MY THOUGHTS

David Gimelfarb and Michael Dixon are both missing in Costa Rica. David’s been missing from the Rincon de la Vieja area since mid-August and Michael Dixon who was (supposedly) last seen with swim trunks and towel leaving his hotel in Tamarindo on October 19th and hasn't been seen since.

I’ve written about David Gimelfarb numerous times since he went missing and took some serious ‘HITS’ for my last post: David Gimelfarb- What's the STORY? It was not intended to be offensive, on the contrary, it was meant to raise questions, raise awareness about the situation and keep David in the forefront of people’s thoughts. I stand by the post but see why MANY people took offense.

That said, the Gimelfarb situation is still somewhat perplexing to me. It appears, or at least hoped; he’s roaming the area, somewhat living off the land but confused, possibly from some sort of head trauma. I can’t help wonder about David. It’s said this would “not fit his personality” from the people closest to him.

So I have a few ‘new’ questions.

*Was there any indication David was not happy with his life before he left for Costa Rica?

* Is David a survivoralist of some sort, is he even CAPABLE of ‘living off the land’ so to speak… and in Costa Rica where the terrain and rain forest etc can be unforgiving?

* Is there any reason David would want to fall off the grid?

* Same question, sort of, if David is ‘confused or frightened’ does he have the survival skills to stay 2-steps ahead of his rescuers indefinitely?

* Has some sort of amnesia been considered?

I BELIEVE some pieces are missing from the David Gimelfarb STORY, something just feels 'wrong' and I’m sorry, I can’t help it, I think he's dead, but of course I would love to be WRONG, but as one commenter pointed out about my opinions after my last ‘frustrated’ post about David:
“Boy, are you a narcissistic douchebag that believe the world revolves around you or what? Who gives a shit if you are "frustrated"- especially in light of the emotions his family and friends are feeling….”
So, I realize my ‘2-cents worth’ is exactly that.

And I SWEAR, I’m not being *glib* but if David Gimelfarb is in fact found ALIVE, it would be one hell of a ‘Movie of the Week’…… just sayin.

I fear the worst for Michael Dixon, the evidence, or lack thereof, seems to point to only ONE likely outcome- probably a causality of a riptide or some other type of bizarre swimming accident, but I wouldn’t necessarily rule-out a random act of violence yet either. If the latter, friends and family must have the HELP of local law enforcement, without them it will be near impossible to get answers. The family, along with help from the British government or any other outside influence, may have to apply serious PRESSURE to receive more than lip-service from local officials. Costa Rica is all about perception. They do not like their country coming across as having ‘any’ problems and will do or say just about anything to guard the ‘paradise’ perception. If you don’t live here you may not understand just how far Tioc’s are capable of sticking their heads in the SAND. *We got hate mail for this video about the driving conditions in Costa Rica because they thought if people really ‘knew’, they wouldn’t want to VISIT. Like a few bad roads would keep us from such a beautiful and diverse country.

I like what the folks at, ‘Help Find Michael Dixon’ are doing. I’m certain they ‘understand’ the reality of the situation, but nonetheless are leaving no stone unturned - getting the WORD out, keeping the WORD out, enlisting volunteers, raising money and awareness; and hopefully ‘applying’ pressure to local Costa Rican officials.

I hope both the David Gimelfarb family and the Michael Dixon family find the answers they deserve.

*Not really appropriate for an entire post at this time, but David's and Michael's stories should be a WAKE-UP call for people considering traveling to foreign countries alone. Not saying you shouldn't, just saying you need to be doubly AWARE of your surroundings at all times and have an understanding of the potential dangers.

For up-to-date INFO about David and Michael and how you can HELP, visit their FACEBOOK pages:
Help Find David Gimelfarb
Help Find Michael Dixon

Friday, November 6, 2009

Don't STAY at Casa Caletas Hotel, but WHY?

Casa Caletas Hotel on the Nicoya Penisula in Costa Rica- "Obviously YOU don't CARE."

I haven't heard word 'one' from Casa Caletas Hotel. "Bet you thought I forgot about you, didn't you Casa Caletas?"

Why shouldn't you stay at Casa Caletas Hotel? The short answer- the owner doesn't seem to CARE about some LAND that he is ASSOCIATED WITH and is important to the sea turtles. But there's MUCH MORE to the story.

Don't KNOW? You can get up to SPEED:

It started HERE:

* Another Company tells Costa Rica to F-OFF

Then I heard from the folks at Pretoma and wrote the second installment:

* time to SPEAK-UP and do SOMETHING

Then I personally asked Casa Caletas or the owners to respond to a few questions I had:

* Casa Caletas Hotel- tell me it's NOT true

So, it's time to seriously BOYCOTT anything to do with the owner(s) of Casa Caletas and possibly two other hotels, Hotel Fuego del Sol in Playa Hermosa and Lake Coter Eco Lodge in Nuevo Arenal, which may ALL be owned by Sylvester Feichtinger or his company(s). (If they'd answer my emails I would know for SURE), but since they pretty much told Costa Rica to 'fuck off' when ordered to 'cease and desist' stripping the wetlands, I'm fairly certain I'm not HIGH on their 'need to respond to' list.

It would also be COOL if you could email them and ask them 'WHAT'S UP with that?' is their email.

'Sea turtle's already have a tough BEGINNING, but at least they have a place to START... don't let it disappear.'

BE the CHANGE YOU want in the WORLD, the sea turtles will thank-you for it.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Arenal Volcano things to Consider

La Fortuna, Costa Rica is home to one of the most active volcanoes in the world, Volcan Arenal, or for you gringos, the Arenal Volcano.

La Fortuna is only on the tourist map because of Volcan Arenal and although the area is beautiful and pristine in it's own right with its waterfalls, lush rain forests, abundant wildlife and the very close by Lake Arenal, really, if it wasn't for the volcano, people outside of Costa Rica would probably never journey here. La Fortuna was basically a farming town until theTico's realized they were a couple a miles a way from a reaLLY Big GOLD MINE called the Arenal Volcano.

You'd be making a HUGE mistake if you visited Costa Rica without venturing to La Fortuna/Arenal area. It's like going to Italy and skipping Rome. Luckily, there's plenty to do in Fortuna even if you don't get to see the volcano, I'm sure you've heard, (it's known to be clouded over..... A LOT). You can get a pretty good of an idea of the BEST odds at seeing the volcano with our VIDEO:

We made this video about 2 years ago when we were just beginning our video-making journey, but the information is SCARY ACCURATE still.
That 'seen' and 'said', no matter what time of year, you should take the RISK- the volcano is ALL THAT and MORE, and like I said, plenty to do in La Fortuna regardless. The Arenal Volcano has been active for many years NOW, but particularly in the last 7-8 months.

Here's some things to consider for Volcano viewing:

* Pretty much any hotel in and around the area has a 'volcano view', but that doesn't necessarily mean they have a 'lava' view. Ask.

* If you have a rental car, you can do the 'volcano tour' yourself'.

* Unless you have some people splitting the cost, don't take taxi's in order to view the volcano if you're staying in La Fortuna. It's cheaper to take the 'volcano tour' or purchase the volcano + hot springs tour, they also have one that includes dinner. Ask around, rates can vary considerably.

Here's our latest VIDEO about Volcan Arenal. It contains some really nice pics and volcano footage as well as Volcano Viewing TIPS:

Hey EVERYONE, we have tons of Costa Rica Travel Information on the LINKS to the right of this page. ENjoY!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

David Gimelfarb- What's the STORY?

David Gimelfarb has still NOT been found in Costa Rica. (David is a 28-year old student who went missing from Rincon de la Vieja National Park in Costa Rica on Aug. 11th). I've been following this story and have written about it on 4 separate occasions:
* David Gimelfarb MISSING in Costa Rica
* David Gimelfarb- the search CONTINUES
* Red Cross pull OUT of Search
* David Gimelfarb- MISSING or NOT?

If the latest updates are to be believed, David is either hiding, on the run or WANDERING Rincon de la Vieja National Park dazed and confused- thwarting rescuers and volunteers like the 'Bourne Identity.'

I am VERY frustrated and unhappy with his OFFICIAL site: Help find David Gimelfarb on Facebook.

Go to his page and read it for yourself, but the 'status reports' have become sporadic NOW, which I understand- WHAT I don't like is they were recently alluding to the fact David is ALIVE and wandering about the jungle in 'trance like, hide-n-seek fashion ', merely in need of reassurance that people are there to HELP him... and if only rescuers could get close enough to EXPLAIN- then everything would be alright.

Sorry, but I'm calling BULLSHIT. If they thought he was ALIVE, they would be doubling and tripling their efforts, NOT the opposite. If in fact they are increasing their efforts, they're not reporting it VERY WELL- which to me, doesn't make much sense... we obviously CARE what's going on, but they're making us NOT.

'If you think David is ALIVE- then lets get this SHOW on the TRAIL.'

THINK about it, if you truly believed a loved one was ALIVE, wouldn't you do ANYTHING to get the word out, hire dogs, procure a helicopter, 'beg, borrow or steal' money to pay volunteers and professionals, talk to whoever would listen, keep the story alive in the media.... I'm just sayin... wouldn't YOU?

Obviously their could be SHIT I'm not privy too and I apologize if I'm completely OFF base. I can appreciate the fact friends and family are trying to stay positive, but personally, I would prefer a more truthful and even 'opinionated' approach to the 'status reports'. Do you NEED more HELP, do you think he's DEAD but still need to find the body for CLOSURE, are you embarrassed because you now believe he fell off the grid on his own accord, are you in DENIAL about whatever, are you being a tad dishonest because you don't want people to LOSE interest, do you even BELIEVE the people who said they spotted David..... do you really think he's ALIVE but you're just becoming worn OUT and having a hard time keeping up because you have your own LIFE........... WHAT gives? please tell us.

If you don't BELIEVE he is dead- LET us know what you WANT and NEED.... we're in it with YOU, but if you truly believe he's ALIVE, well then, you're doing it WRONG.

But he's sounding DEAD to me... just sayin.

Monday, October 19, 2009

SEX and Prostitution in Costa Rica

'San Jose, Costa Rica where SEX and Prostitution particularly flourish.'

In Costa Rica, sex with girls, sex with gay boys, sex with trannies, even 'gay for pay' is VERY much LEGAL, and BELIEVE ME, the SEX trade industry in Costa Rica is as diverse as the country itself.

'Straight or GAY sex is easy to find in Costa Rica.'

Legal age of consent for BOTH straight sex and gay sex is 18. I would CAUTION you to be very careful, there's TONS of misinformation on the internet pertaining to the legal age of consent here, many sites will tell you it's as low as 15. We'll get back to 'age' later.

To most, Costa Rica is about active volcanoes, beautiful beaches, lush rain forest, abundant wildlife, raging rapids and an adventure LOVERS paradise... and it is. But many who come here could care less about seeing a sloth or rappelling down a waterfall, for them, Costa Rica means SEX.... and lets be truthful, Costa Rica does sell SEX just as well as it does a zipline tour.

Okay, so what, prostitution is legal in Costa Rica. Well, just because it's LEGAL doesn't mean it's not rife with problems. THINK about any issue you could have with illegal prostitution in the STATES or anywhere else prostitution is NOT legal and I can assure you, those problems EXIST here as well- with the exception of actually propositioning for sex.

Make NO mistake, drugs, crime, petty theft, STD's, AIDS, underage SEX, illegal prostitutes and sex slavery are ALL problems here. Of course these issues usually EXIST in varying degrees where ever prostitution is found- legal or NOT.

For years, Costa Rica had the dubious distinction of being one of the top destinations for partaking in underage SEX. Although they've taken steps to combat this problem, at least on the surface, it is STILL a concern here. If you get caught participating in sex with a minor, you're pretty much rightfully FUCKED... and rest assured, not in a GOOD way. But unfortunately, like most laws in Costa Rica the 'bark' is often worse than the 'bite' and enforcement is a problem, so how often some 'Chester the Molester' type is arrested and convicted for having sex with a minor is anyone's guess. Mine, is NOT very many... just sayin.

The other problem, most of the prostitutes (at least the girls) aren't even Tica's- most are Dominicans, Colombians, Nicaraguans and even Eastern Europeans. My question to you... how many of these illegal girls are actually going to register as a prostitute and keep their health card updated?

REMEMBER, just because prostitution is legal in Costa Rica- you're still responsible and PLAYING at your own RISK. Condoms are a GIVEN and speaking to your Doctor about Hepatitis is highly recommended.

So, you want to come to Costa Rica for SEX, but not sure where to find EXACTLY what you're LOOKING for. Let's pretend you don't know how to write in the GOOGLE search bar combinations of the following words, depending: 'Costa Rica, San Jose, sex, adult entertainment, escorts, prostitution, gay, girls, brothels, bit tits,....whatever' or you don't know Craigslist is valuable resource if you're looking for sex, ANYWHERE. Fine, all you need to know is get in any taxi and BELIEVE ME, they'll take you wherever it IS you want to GO, you might consider beginning with the Del Rey Hotel and Casino.

Here's our VIDEO about SEX and Prostitution in Costa Rica:

More INFO on Prostitution and Sex in Costa Rica

Hey Everyone, we got TONS of Costa Rica Travel Information in our Travel Guide at Travel Costa Rica NOW and don't FORGET all our Costa Rica Travel Tip Videos, completely ORGANIZED so you can EASILY find what you're LOOKING for. ENjOY!