Monday, August 30, 2010

David Gimelfarb- MY last Post

David Gimelfarb has been MISSing in Costa Rica for a little over a year now but family members believe he is still ALIVE. WTF?

The folks at CNN, specifically, Nancy Grace's 'Cold Case' published the story of David Gimelfarb today and this blog has been getting HIT big time since I've written about David's disappearance numerous times and obviously, I coming up in GOOGLE searches for 'David Gimelfarb'.

For what I'm about to say, I mean NO disrespect, I swear. And nothing would make me happier if at the end of it all, David Gimelfarb is found ALIVE. I would love to have to apologize for being a complete A-HOLE (wouldn't be the first time). But I've been following this story and it hasn't made sense, at least to me, for quite some time. *Before you judge me and if you care, read what I had to say and WHY, in sequence, FIRST, then you can give me shit.

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Here's ALL I KNOW. If I truly, TRULY believed my son was ALIVE, roaming Costa Rica dazed and CONFUSED, I would be there, scouring the country and doing whatever it TOOK... am I wrong, wouldn't you? I'd criss-cross the fuckin country 10 times over, that is, if I truly believed he was ALIVE.

The 'Help Find David Gimelfarb' Facebook page is the most telling. Just read the posts in sequence. I don't blame them for wanting answers, HELLO, who wouldn't and I understand denial. But.....

David is dead.... but damn it, I'd rather apologize for being a A-HOLE.