Friday, December 24, 2010

Why Can't our Dog be a COW

So sad today. Our little chihuahua, Pincho, has parvo. Initially, his symptoms seemed to point to an intestinal blockage or bowel obstruction of some kind, BUT yesterday he had the unmistakable signs of parvo and if you know anything about it, parvo is not pretty... and that SMELL! And yes, he had had his shots if you're wondering, so we're not sure how he got it. Hopefully, the shots at least gave his tiny immune system a few antibodies to help in the FIGHT!

The vet in our tiny, tourist town is more at ease treating cows and horses and his bed side manner, or lack thereof, was not helpful. Pincho was so frightened and again, watching a tiny little dog scared shitless is just, well, sad. OH, and of course it being the holidays and all, we're on our own in trying to nurse him back...

Don't want to drone on and dampen anyone's festive mood, but we sure would appreciate some positive ENERGY sent our way. thanx.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Why wouldn't they STEAL your STUFF in Costa Rica?

They steal YOUR stuff in Costa Rica but they don't steal MINE.

It's really quite simple, they steal your stuff in Costa Rica because they CAN- that's it.

The 'flat tire' scam perpetuated against unaware tourists visiting Costa Rica is the BEST example of my viewpoint regarding this overblown, media hyped issue.

Ironically, just knowing about the 'flat tire' scam makes it virtually impossible for the thugs to pull it off. HELLO! Don't pull over. (Watch the VIDEO below if you don't know what I'm talking about).

Well guess what? Almost nothing to do with theft of personal belongings has to happen during your visit to Costa Rica.

It's not my intention to tell you how to avoid theft while in Costa Rica, that INFO is EVERYWHERE on our sites and in our videos, so feel free to graze. But it is my intention to call 'Party Foul' on the whiners and complainers out there who have had their stuff taken and BITCH and MOAN about how crime is out of control in Costa Rica because they had a "bad experience." Some crime is unavoidable, wrong place, wrong time, I get it, but 97% of the time it is avoidable, if you did your homework prior to visiting here that is. If not, yeah, stuff can get stolen, but really, who's fault is that? How stupid are you to come to a foreign country and not do a little homework first. In this case, STUPID is because STUPID doesn't.

Now don't take this out of context. I'm not talking about the folks who get their stuff stolen and accept a percentage of responsibility for their irresponsibility. I'm talking about the 'fucks' who get their stuff stolen and place the blame solely on Costa Rica and then tell their sad story to everyone and anyone who will listen, which just might make them appear MORE stupid.

My hope is that more Costa Rica bloggers, expats and others who care about tourism here will get the WORD out that Costa Rica is still a SAFE place to travel as long as you pack a little common sense along with your hiking shoes. Also, confront the 'repeaters' who are bad-mouthing Costa Rica perpetuating and over-blowing the issue of crime on the forums, message boards and in blogs etc.

Oh,for the record and as they relate to crime- owning a home and LIVING in Costa Rica are different than visiting Costa Rica because the truth is, many people who own homes here have been broken into, especially around beach towns.

Here's my video about the 'flat tire' scam and a message to the people that fall for it:

Make your own video or EMBED this one somewhere, we need to FIGHT back.

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Monday, December 20, 2010

I Prefer My Police CORRUPT

"The police in Costa Rica are corrupt." "All the policemen in Costa Rica accept bribes and are on the 'take'." What?

They say if you repeat things often enough over time they become true whether they are or NOT. Unfortunately, the ones doing the 'repeating' are usually doing just that, repeating, and don't normally have the first clue as to the validity of what they're repeating.

Corruption has many levels, and the reasons of 'why' can be somewhat complex to say the least. The sole purpose of this post is to offer some perspective to the 'would be' traveler about the so-called 'corruption' they'd be most likely to encounter during their visit to Costa Rica, that is, if you call giving a cop $100 bucks vs. paying a $400 ticket- corruption. I'd call that a discount, but that's me.

I truly believe their is a difference between a police officer accepting $50 bucks or so for letting a 'speeder' go and looking the other way as a truckload of cocaine rolls into the neighborhood.

Police in Costa Rica don't get paid SHIT, which is the MAJOR reason they let the speeder go, after the discount that is. It's easy money, and really, a win-win situation for all involved. If you were putting your life on the line for minimum wage or close to it, I think this would be much easier to understand. These people have families and mouths to feed, which isn't an excuse since obviously they chose the profession, but come on, pickin' up a few extra bucks from gringo tourists who ARE speeding- call me 'crooked' but I get it. Sometimes being the kid in the candy store is just a little too hard to resist. *If you don't understand this, you're either a Republican or your dad owned a candy store, or even more likely, BOTH.

Costa Rica in general is perceived as a corrupt country because of the entire 'bribe the traffic cop' thing and obviously there is truth to that. But what isn't true is the cops in Costa Rica will shake you down and take your money. Don't get me wrong, that has happened and on occasion probably still does, but with the onset of technology, better training, a little more money and an effort by the police to curb the problem, this type of strong-arm intimidation/extortion, is slowly becoming the exception rather than the rule of old. They try that shit now and there's recourse just like you would have in the States. Here's an example of Costa Rica cops demanding money at a checkpoint outside Jaco. Costa Rica isn't Mexico, or at least the Mexico you often hear about. And really, let's not throw too many stones here, the U.S. definitely has its share of 'bad cop' syndrome.

Me, I've had numerous interactions with police here and have never been asked for money or given it. They've always been professional with me... because believe you me, if they hadn't, you'd have heard about it. BUT, if I was speeding and was stopped, I'd be ecstatic to be offered a a more timely and cost effective alternative, because right now, FINES are high and I WAS speeding for Christ sake. I'd much rather provide for a police officer and his or her family than the bureaucrats and theirs.

Really, this is my point-
When you get pulled over by the highway patrol going 100mph from LA to Vegas, I got a million bucks says you wish you'd been pulled over in Costa Rica...haha
Here's my VIDEO about Police Corruption in Costa Rica:

A couple things to keep in mind-

*If you get stopped, be careful about offering a 'gift'- it is against the law and it's a hefty fine. You may want to wait until the officer offers a solution to your problem FIRST.

*They can chase you in Costa Rica but normally you'll run into a check-point or they already 'caught you' and you'll be motioned to pull over. This is rarely done by one cop, where there's one, there's 5.

*Most of the new driving laws are enforced in and around San Jose, not so much in the little towns. It's normal to see 3 people on a motorcycle w/out helmets or a baby without a car seat in villages and towns scattered around the country.

*It is true they're more apt to target gringos.

*Don't try to skip out on paying a ticket, Costa Rica and rental car companies aren't stupid, you will bet BURNED.

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Saturday, December 11, 2010

a WARNING about Baldi Hot Springs

The slides at Baldi Hot Springs in La Fortuna, Costa Rica are NOTORIOUS for causing injuries. Seriously, NO JOKE, the slides at Baldi Hot Springs can F**K you UP.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE going to Baldi Hot Springs, but I don't go down the slides- I learned that lesson years ago. Of course even if you would have warned me of the danger back 5 years ago, I would have still gone down them. Yup, I'm the guy who just has to touch the stove... I mean you practically dared me, right?

Like I said, we knew the slides had been dangerous awhile back, but when we revised our Baldi Video we had been led to believe they had fixed the problem. Plus, all the guys and girls in the VIDEO (below) had also told us they were WAY COOL- no problem, so we left the 'WARNING' out of the video. F in' kids, what do they know?

Last night, our friend, well, a new friend, broke his clavicle bone going down one of the slides, cutting his vacation 3 days short. He was slated to whitewater raft today before finishing up his trip in Puerto Viejo, obviously a broken clavicle isn't going to cut a rafting excursion. Talk about a vacation BUZZ KILL.

Today we're revising a few posts and videos on our sites about the potential dangers of the Baldi slides. We pretty much NOW know this is not an isolated occurrence, if he broke a bone, I can only imagine all the cuts, scraps and bruises...

So, consider yourself WARNED. Funny, I have this strong urge to go to Baldi tonight, drink a few beers and go headfirst down the slides... after all, maybe my new friend is just a pussy.

Here's our REVISED Baldi Hot Springs VIDEO:

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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Friends are the BEST part

Pablo and Ronnie from San Francisco- what a fun night, muchas gracias.
What can I say, doin' what we do is just, well, GREAT! We travel all around Costa Rica and have the unique opportunity to experience a LOT of really C-O-O-L stuff. Places like the Jaguar Rescue Center in Puerto Viejo or La Paz Waterfall Gardens or walking around San Jose with Barrio Bird Walking Tours. And, we get to stay in some really nice hotels like Gaia Hotel and Reserve in Manuel Antonio or experience the backpacker way of life in hostels like Tranquilo Backpackers in San Jose. We love what we do, and wouldn't trade it for the world.

In deep conversation during HAPPY HOUR at Koki Beach in Puerto Viejo. We had a GREAT week with David and Mindy.

But, just as great, if not greatER, is meeting you GUYS. The one's who watch our videos and read our stuff, the one's who take time to e-mail us with questions and feedback, and especially those of you who come to La Fortuna and want to HANg- we LOVE you guys most of ALL and honestly, it never gets old, on the contrary, we jump at the chance each and every time... so if you're in the La Fortuna, Costa Rica area, don't hesitate... we have forged some great relationships this way... Garick and Stephanie come to mind, among many others.

So, just wanted to say THANX, we SOoooooo appreciate the fact you take a little time out of your vacation to chill awhile with us.... we're truly humbled.

Besos y abrazos from michael alan & D'Angelo.

Everywhere we go, new and interesting people... LIFE is good and we have you guys to THANK.

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Puerto Viejo Costa Rica Jaguar Rescue Center

The Jaguar Rescue Center in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica IS an animal rescue center, but they don't have jaguars. Plenty of sloths and monkeys but no jaguars.

The story goes that when the rescue center first opened they had gotten a margay that needed help, well apparently margays look like baby jaguars. I guess, 'Jaguar' just sorta stuck.

One of the cutest pictures we've ever taken, a baby sloth with the 'forever' Pura Vida smile.

Regardless, the Jaguar Rescue Center in Puerto Viejo is a MUST DO. *This is the Puerto Viejo on the Caribbean side of the country close to the Panamanian border.

A baby sloth being nursed at the Jaguar Rescue Center in Puerto Viejo Costa Rica.

We'd been wanting to go to the rescue center for the LONGest. I'm serious, it's one of the BEST things we've done in Costa Rica, well at least in the TOP 20. The rescue center conducts 2 tours a day and has many animals under their care: sloths, howler monkeys, exotic birds, snakes, margays etc. and it's VERY informative and when it comes to the howler monkey's- HANDS-ON.... way cool. *Check out this video to understand why we're able to touch the moneky's.

For those of you into SNAKES, they got a LOT of them, like this eye-lash pit viper.

Here's our video of the Jaguar Rescue Center in Puerto Viejo Costa Rica. I think this is one of our BEST videos to date:

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Puerto Viejo Costa Rica a VIDEO Overview

Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica on the Caribbean side. You know what they say, "When in Rome..."

There was a time when most people visited Puerto Viejo de Talamanca for one thing: surfing. Now, Puerto Viejo, known for its Jamaican/Caribbean VIBE, not only attracts the surfers but has become one of the hottest destinations on the budget-travel circuit. The easiest way to explain who goes to Puerto Viejo, well let's just say if Bob Marley and the Grateful Dead ever were to put on a concert... I would say Puerto Viejo is the Caribbean equivalent of Malpais located on the Pacific side of Costa Rica, where surfing and partying also seem to go hand in hand.

Good news is, if you're not into pot smoke and reggae, the beaches south may be more your thing, and even BETTER- the beaches south are MUCH nicer. Definitely don't miss Playa Cocles, Playa Chiquita, Manzanillo, and my personal favorite Punta Uva. Puerto Viejo for the party, beaches south for the tranquility.

Old semi-submerged barge turned into a playground for the locals.

Here's our VIDEO of Puerto Viejo Costa Rica:

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Saturday, November 20, 2010

AM Costa Rica- JOKE of the DAY

AM Costa Rica, providing the JOKE most days.

Writers BLOCK? Read AM Costa Rica. They can get the ol' creative juices flowing again.

I had no intention of writing this morning... well, that is until I was checking out AM Costa Rica, "Your daily English-language news source Monday through Friday". What can I say, AM Costa Rica is my muse.

Don't worry, no diatribe, no rant and I won't even say, "fuck". This is more of an observation and just another example of how 'subtly-blatant' Am Costa Rica can be in promoting their conservative viewpoint.

Don't need to know much about the specifics of the story, but here's the headline on the FRONT page of A.M. Costa Rica this morning.
'Letter sparks wave of complaints about cable firm'
A 'news story', front page about a cable provider, called Amnet here in Costa Rica that many people are unhappy with.... whatever.

See if you can catch it. This is what the A.M. Costa Rica staff wrote in their 'news story' about 3/4 into the 'article'.
"Amnet shuffled the channel listings and put a number of favorite expat channels, like Fox, into an upgraded package."

Hmmm... wonder why they picked 'Fox' as the example, well, it wasn't for 'The Simpsons' I can assure you. They're inferring we all watch Fox for its NEWS, you know, because it's 'fair and balanced'. I know, I know, many of you are thinking, "So what, that's what your bitching about... give me a break."

Yup, this little sentence has a few 'subtly-blatant' inferences and assumptions in it and since it's not an editorial, you're damn straight I take exception. I'm an ex-pat and let's just say I'd rather watch leaf-cutter ants doing their thing in my backyard before watching Fox, (accept for the Simpsons of course).

Call me hyper-critical, call me whatever you want, just know this, when A.M Costa Rica writes, they're usually writing with a conservative slant whether it's blatant or subtle... and that my FOX FRIENDS, is NEVER fair and balanced but merely an attempt to subtly sway your opinion without appearing to do so.

I can't be the only ex-pat who knows this..... "HELLO! anyone there?"

*Leaf-cutter ants really are worth watching.

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

COOLest Restaurant in Puerto Viejo- Koki Beach

Koki Beach Restaurant in Puerto Viejo Costa Rica

Hey Everyone!
Koki Beach Restaurant is pretty much located in the center of
Puerto Viejo on the main road, with the ocean only a stone's throw away. So when your strolling around the town, you WILL pass Koki Beach and you'll probably mutter to yourself, "We need to check that place out later."

Koki Beach is not your typical Puerto Viejo Restaurant. First off, they don't play reggae, not because they dislike reggae, but because just about every other restaurant/bar/club/house/radio/television/band/car etc, DOES play reggae- Koki likes to be different and really, take my word, you'll appreciate it. Make no mistake, Koki Beach does have a Caribbean feel about it, but the owners added their own flair. So it's as if Bob Marley and Madonna decided to collaborate.

Koki Beach is trendy and COOL,a place to go to have drinks and conversation...and people watch. And if you don't get lost in conversation and forget to order- the food's pretty damn tasty too.

Here's our REVIEW of Koki Beach. Check out the decor and artwork.......very nice.

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Saturday, November 13, 2010

GAY needs HELP! Sorry

Doin GAY Costa Rica is BACK with more INFO on gay hotels, gay clubs and living the gay life in Costa Rica.

Doin GAY Costa Rica is BACK, even more gay than before, offering a little (gay) perspective on anything and everything GAY in Costa Rica.

*To the Readers of Doin Costa Rica:
My apologies for this 'gay' intrusion. I really do try to keep most things gay out of Doin' Costa Rica. The story below which I posted on my gay blog a couple days ago pretty much explains it all. Fact is, I need people to be able to find 'gay' INFO on Costa Rica ie. my blog, so I'm using this post to help gay folks FIND my other blog. If you understand the internet and GOOGLE, you understand. If not, sorry, but I had to do this.

Here's what I posted a couple days ago on Doin Gay Costa Rica:

GUYS I'm so sorry. I've been gone for WAY too long. Here's what happened. GOOGLE search engines no longer 'crawled' my 'Blogger' blog because it contained 'adult content'. I wasn't aware of that when I started posting dicks and what not. *Not sure why dicks and sex are considered so dirty but that's another post altogether. I was devastated. I was doing pretty good in the rankings........ and just like that, vanished into internet oblivion.

But the bigger problem is I'm a moron when it comes to computer technology and to switch a 'Blogger' format to a 'Wordpress' format wasn't even in my realm of things I'm capable of. D'Angelo did it for me. But then he had to teach me to go in and fix all the pics because they were obviously not aligned correctly due to the change. *Most of the pics still look like shit because of pixels etc. but at least the posts look decent. I had over a hundred posts to go through. I was just SO frustrated. I'm the kind of guy once I learn something I'm pretty good, it's the learning process that kicks my ass. Like now, this being my first post and all, this may take me awhile to get everything right on the page, keywords, pics, categories etc. For most, this is probably a walk in the park, for me it's like I weigh 700lbs and I gotta start hitting the gym- that first step is a bitch.

So, here I am, with a lot of gay catching up to do. But I'm back NOW and we've been busy the last couple months, so I gotta lot to say. Are you surprised?

Okay, here goes. Going to try to post some pictures here. *crossing fingers* They have nothing to do with this post, I just like'em and I need the practice.

This pic was taken at the 'Rally to Restore Sanity' and you know how much I like making fun of religion.

Also found at the Jon Stewart, Steven Colbert Rally.

I'm BACK bitches, look out.

So that was the post. GOOGLE search likes this blog, so it will help gay folks interested in finding gay INFO on Costa Rica find my 'gay' blog by coming to this one first. It's also the reason I used the word 'gay' so much. Get it? Got it? good. and THANX for your understanding.

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

WHY pickpockets think your HOT

Gay or straight, if you're OUT partying in Costa Rica you'll need to know this.
*Sorry girls, this is mostly a guy thing since when it comes to the possibility of having a sexual encounter guys tend to think with the wrong head- what can I say, you're smarter.

Hey Guys! I've seen this happen personally and have heard about it often enough to know it can be a problem... and it doesn't matter if you're dancing with the boys in a gay club such as La Avispa or doing shots in one of the many 'straight' bars and discos located inside El Pueblo, you need to be AWARE of this little, how should I say, distraction.

First, it's a vacation for god sake, it's not difficult to understand how the following scenario could play out... but when you ENTER alcohol and/or other party favors, inhibition seems to get tossed aside like a $2.00 hooker (now that's a bargain basement inhibition) and as euphoria (or inebriation) sets in, simple problem solving may as well be quantum physics. Read that as, your dick doesn't do math.

But who cares, chillin' and partying in Costa Rica , right now, all is right with the world. Until...

...the man or woman of your dreams begins to dance with you.

"WTF? How HOT is this... so 'out of my league' but dancing with me, ...ME, SWEET!"

Enter- quantum physics.

"Whatever, I'm going to just ride this out and see where it goes...... fuck it, I'm on vacation in Costa Rica BABY!"

"Nice, feeling all over my ass.... whoaaa, comin' around the front.... I must be looking HoT tonight."

Sober, red flags would fly as soon as 'wet dream' began to dance with you since hook-ups are only this E-Z in the movies, that is, unless you PAID for said 'wet dream'- that's a different kinda movie.

One of two things is about to happen- Pick-pocketed right there on the dance floor by 'wet dream' or an accomplice OR taken outside and mugged when you had something a little HOTTER in mind.

Sorry guys, Beauty and the Beast rarely happens, it's an exception and you are NOT it.

But I understand, every once in awhile it's nice when quantum physics makes sense,,,, at least for a few moments that is.

Party Pointers: Taxi from club to club, don't walk anywhere. Don't party or go out alone if you can help it. Be careful as to how fucked-up you get. Carry only the money you need for the night and your I.D./passport. Keep nothing in your back pocket. If you must carry a credit card, hide it, ditto for your passport. Tell SOMEONE or EVERYONE your basic itinerary for the night, even if it's just updating your status on FB or Twitter but let SOMEONE know and double especially if you're going out solo- the hotel receptionist is a good start. Personally, I carry a switchblade, even into the clubs, but that's me... yeah, I hide it. And remember, keep a healthy skepticism when someone approaches you from out of the blue and is either overly flirtatious or somewhat aggressive when attempting to pick you up. *They could just be a prostitute working too hard.

And lastly, don't forget the condoms, after all, I could be wrong and this could be your LUCKY night.

"Yeah, right."

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Our Favorite Hotel in Puerto Viejo Banana Azul

Chillaxing around the pool at Hotel Banana Azul in Puerto Viejo Costa Rica.

We love Hotel Banana Azul located on Playa Negra just north of Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica.

We'd known about Banana Azul for some time and even corresponded a couple times with the owners about doing a video review of their place but just couldn't find the time to make it down to Puerto Viejo. Finally, we did. Twice in one month in fact. Boy, are we glad we did. It would have been nice if we could have stayed a little longer... but we'll take what we can get.

Banana Azul is just what the doctor ordered. Pretty much on the beach, jungle-y, lushed-out landscaping and the rooms have that COOL 'bungalow on the beach' vibe... and the bonus- the food is really good there. So, needless to say Banana Azul is the perfect place to veg-out and do whatever.

Banana Azul has that rustic feel, here's one of the rooms.

We think the owners, Colin and Roberto, did a really nice job creating the perfect atmosphere and we think you'll agree. Anyway, here's our video REVIEW of Hotel Banana Azul. *I don't want to imply there are not other nice hotels in the Puerto Viejo area, I'm sure there are. Obviously we haven't stayed in them all... but so far, this is the one we like BEST.

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Monday, November 1, 2010

Interbus RESPONDS and calls us LIARS wtf?

"HEY Interbus, I'm not through with you."

"interbus, Interbus, INTERBUS, are you stupid?" You don't respond to a blogger. You think I'm going to let you get away with coming into my house, calling us liars without ripping you a new asshole, I don't think so. You may think you responded out of professional courtesy, I would call it professional stupidity.

Don't know what Interbus did? It's here. Then they made the mistake of commenting...

I suppose I should give Interbus props for taking the time to respond... ahhhh fuck that, lets get to it. Here's what they said. *I took the liberty of numbering their bullshit rationales so it would be easier to follow along.

Dear Michael allan
as you point out in your article:

1. At time of reservation, you or the third party booking in your name did not point out you had a pet traveling with you and Interbus does not carry pets

2. You did not even mention to the driver at the time of boarding the bus you have a pet, so you did hide that fact to Interbus

3. We are sorry you did not know about our polici but you did not even ask about it, knowing you were carrying a pet. Nevertheless Interbus publishes its policies in all documentations and web site.

4. Interbus did provide transportation to your destination even if you were traveling with a pet then informed your travel agency about the situation, so you were not left hanging as you say. You already had a travel agent to refere to.
We are happy you found a solution to your need even if with another transportation company, which I am sure was aware of you traveling with a pet and accepted it.

Best regards
Customer Service

Okay Interbus, try to follow along.

First, not as an excuse but think about it, the fact the 3rd party forgot to mention a dog, nor did we, nor did the driver see him, it's pretty easy to forget about a 3 lb. chihuahua. Tell me you don't understand that. Keep that in mind when reading the rest of this.

1. It WAS a third party that booked for us, they did know we were traveling with our 'dog' but obviously forgot to mention it. I believe this was an excusable oversight for the above reason.

2. We failed to mention it because we didn't think or know it was an issue and remember- WE DIDN'T BOOK IT. We were the only 2 that boarded the van so it was me, D'Angelo, our 'dog' and your driver for 3 1/2 hours. Don't really want to blame the driver but there could be a case made that maybe he should've paid more attention to 'who' and 'what' boarded his van. And fuck you, I don't appreciate the implication that we were lying or hiding the fact we had a dog with us. If that were the case, we wouldn't have taken him out in plain view of the driver to pee when we stopped..... dumbass. If we didn't want the driver to see him, he wouldn't have....hell, I could have stuck him in my pocket and the driver would have just thought I was really well endowed....geez.

3. This is a stupid rationale. WE DIDN'T BOOK IT and since the 3rd party that did, knew we had our dog, we just assumed everything was COOL. Us not asking about the policy is like your driver not telling us about the policy. I gotta idea. Maybe your drivers should introduce themselves and then ask the following: "Mr. and Mrs. Tourist, are you traveling with any firearms, drugs, wild animals, seeds, pets, illegal Mexicans, fruit or any other contraband that would go against Interbus policy... SWEET, welcome to INTERBUS." But apparently you didn't read our policy and procedure handbook either, it clearly states we travel with our dog- if you just would have asked, we would have told you.... get it?

4. You took us to our destination because the driver didn't realize we had a dog for the first 3 1/2 hours until we stopped for a break and waited for our connection. Of course we appreciate the fact he didn't kick us out when he learned we were carrying contraband, but then again, pussy-boy driver didn't say shit about anything, he just secretly called Interbus headquarters to self-report he had been unknowingly transporting 3 lbs of dog fur... "Oh my god, the HORROR."

We don't have a travel agent but it is true the '3rd party' in this case IS a travel agent. She was merely doing us a favor. A travel agent gets paid. You assume to much. She felt partly responsible for what happened so yes, she helped us out BECAUSE YOU WOULDN'T. And this is the point of the entire ordeal, not the other BS.... I understand the f'in RULE, I just don't understand your lack of courtesy and the fact you basically called us liars in your response. Do you realize that? You assumed we were trying to pull a fast one and you responded by refusing to show a little understanding or discretion. And here you are, instead of apologizing, rationalizing your behavior because you assumed too much in the first place. No, customers are not always right but we are.

I'll be happy to post your apology when you give it. Until then, fuck you Interbus. No, really.

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